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The Gaslighting of the American People Apr. 15, 2021

Jackie Gingrich Cushman

This week, Project Veritas released a video of Charlie Chester, a CNN technical director, talking to... Read More

The Gaslighting of the American People Apr. 15, 2021

Daily Editorials

This week, Project Veritas released a video of Charlie Chester, a CNN technical director, talking to... Read More

The Latest Left-Wing Anti-American Lie: 'Anti-Asian Racism' Mar. 23, 2021

Dennis Prager

If you rely on The New York Times, the Democratic Party or CNN — they are interchangeable R... Read More

CNN Should Shut up About 'Misinformation' Feb. 26, 2021

Tim Graham

Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy, CNN's in-house cheerleaders for censoring or squelching conservative... Read More

CNN Lies About Trump's Vaccine Plans Jan. 22, 2021

Tim Graham

In her first White House press briefing, soon after the sun set on Inauguration Day, President Joe B... Read More

Project Veritas Strips CNN Naked Dec. 04, 2020

David Limbaugh

Project Veritas' expose of CNN's behind-the-scenes conference calls shows that the network's slogan ... Read More

CNN'S Preposterous Call for Unity Nov. 11, 2020

Tim Graham

There was a Museum of Broadcasting in New York City, but there's never been a Museum of Broadcasting... Read More

Biased Media Sep. 30, 2020

John Stossel

"A pioneer devoted to equality." That was The Washington Post's headline about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.... Read More

Brian Stelter Flunks at Defending CNN Sep. 18, 2020

Tim Graham

CNN host Brian Stelter has a slimy new book out called "Hoax" in which he attacks Fox News and Presi... Read More

Jake Tapper's Revolting Post-Game Analysis Aug. 28, 2020

Tim Graham

There may be no more blatant violation of the concept of truth in advertising than CNN's boastful cl... Read More

American Left Looks to Silence Doctors Who Endorse Hydroxychloroquine as Part of Covid-19 Treatment Aug. 06, 2020

Daily Editorials

The China virus threatens to kill America's First Amendment. Without free speech, we are not free. T... Read More

CNN'S Joke-Shaming Double Standard Jun. 24, 2020

Tim Graham

On May 20, CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" aired one of those jokey interviews between CNN host Chris Cuomo... Read More

Goodman Offers Hope, but CNN Isn't Buying Apr. 26, 2020

Debra J. Saunders

WASHINGTON — Bless Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman for wanting to open up Las Vegas for busine... Read More

Sam Donaldson Couldn't Save Bloomberg Mar. 06, 2020

Tim Graham

During the Trump era, CNN's "Reliable Sources" has featured a roster of those whom the network calls... Read More

Trump Critics Denounce Pro-Trump Blacks as 'Sellouts' -- While Criticizing Trump for Not Having More 'Sellouts' Feb. 06, 2020

Larry Elder

The Donald Trump White House put out a photograph of the president's task force on the coronavirus. ... Read More

The Obama Administration's Guerrilla War Jan. 10, 2020

Erick Erickson

In the modern era, it is difficult to come up with an administration that has spent as much energy t... Read More

The Media Has Some Apologizing to Do After the IG Report Dec. 13, 2019

Neil Patel

Thanks to the Department of Justice Inspector General's report, we now know for certain what has bee... Read More

Roger Stone, Jeffrey Epstein and the Crackup of America's Leadership Nov. 22, 2019

Neil Patel

Roger Stone was recently convicted in federal court on seven felony charges, stemming from the since... Read More

Take Impeachment Inquiry Seriously Nov. 11, 2019

Daily Editorials

Congress should take seriously the charge that Trump withheld Ukrainian military aid for personal po... Read More

Child Rape Stories Are Too 'Stupid' for ABC News to Cover Nov. 08, 2019

Neil Patel

In case you missed it, a video came out this week that makes it look like ABC News affirmatively pro... Read More