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Cats After the Revolution Oct. 23, 2020

Marc Dion

Despite the divided nature of our nation, there is great unity in the cat food section of the grocer... Read More

October 22, 2020 Oct. 22, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: My wife and I are in our mid-70s and have no children. However, we have had pets, mostly... Read More

Lessons I Learned at the End of the World Aug. 07, 2020

Marc Dion

If it felt at all safe, I would finish this column and go out for a beer. How incredibly old-fashion... Read More

Running for Cover from Sneezes Jun. 19, 2020

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: Recently, you printed a letter from a woman whose boyfriend excessively belched. Well, n... Read More

7 Common Houseplants That Are Pet-Friendly and Low-Maintenance May. 27, 2020

Everyday Cheapskate

I love plants, especially beautiful houseplants. Healthy, economical plants can make any space warm ... Read More

Mouse-demic Response: Failure and Success Apr. 24, 2020

Marc Dion

As the government of an extremely small nation/house, our first mistake was ignoring the experts. Fo... Read More

Secondhand Vaping Harmful to Pets Feb. 27, 2020

Ask the Vet

Q: Our son vapes in his bedroom. Is it okay for him to use his e-cigarette when our dog Smoky is in ... Read More

February 23, 2020 Feb. 23, 2020

Classic Annie's Mailbox

Dear Annie: I am a healthy 50-years-young woman in the midst of menopause. I also have been diagnose... Read More

Eyes on the Clock Feb. 20, 2020

Dear AnnieĀ®

Dear Annie: I've had my current job for four years. I work at a small company of about 20 employees.... Read More

When Adopting, Match Dog to Your Activity Level Feb. 20, 2020

Ask the Vet

Q: After my elderly father's old Lab died, he felt so alone that he adopted a rambunctious Lab mix p... Read More

Common Disease in Senior Dogs Makes Breathing Difficult Feb. 06, 2020

Ask the Vet

Q: For the past year, Sadie, our 10-year-old Labrador-golden retriever mix, has barked like she has ... Read More

Thank Veterinarian for Great Care Jan. 30, 2020

Ask the Vet

Q: Our veterinarian has always been wonderful with our cats, so we want to give her a gift on Valent... Read More

Puppy's Demodectic Mange Not Contagious Jan. 23, 2020

Ask the Vet

Q: We took Jake, our 10-week-old pit bull, to the veterinarian because he has very little hair and s... Read More

Pet Food Processed for Complete, Balanced Nutrition Jan. 16, 2020

Ask the Vet

Q: Why should I buy processed food full of chemicals for my cat when we humans are encouraged to eat... Read More

Canine Bladder Cancer Associated With Herbicides and Pesticides Jan. 09, 2020

Ask the Vet

Q: Taylor, my 9-year-old Sheltie, had what seemed to be a urinary tract infection, but the antibioti... Read More

Vaccines Safe for Senior Dogs Dec. 26, 2019

Ask the Vet

Q: What is your opinion about vaccinating older dogs? As my two healthy senior dogs aged, their vete... Read More

'Cats': Pretty Hate Machine Dec. 20, 2019


I was so looking forward to panning this movie. I mean mercilessly, with one of those no-adjectives-... Read More

Keep Laundry Pods Away From Pets and Children Dec. 19, 2019

Ask the Vet

Q: My cat Milo is a "dog cat": He comes when I call, fetches small balls and loves to play with toys... Read More

Paintballs Toxic to Dogs Dec. 12, 2019

Ask the Vet

Q: My husband and his friends want to play their paintball games on our rural property. Our dogs wou... Read More

Ensure Pets' Safety Over the Holidays Dec. 05, 2019

Ask the Vet

Q: Our new daughter-in-law owns a garden center and wants to fill our home with poinsettias over the... Read More