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Baby Got Backup Dec. 10, 2019

The Science Advice Goddess

I've been dating this really great woman for three months. She's just decided that she needs to be ... Read More

Treating Tweens Like Toddlers Apr. 26, 2018

Lenore Skenazy

"Why am I required to pick my kid up from school when she's fine walking home by herself?" That's a ... Read More

My Rules For Dating Are Unrealistic Apr. 03, 2017

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I love my parents very much, but they can be very difficult. I am 17 and am now an only... Read More

Be a Slow Eater Jun. 24, 2016

'Tween 12 & 20

DR. WALLACE: I'm a 17-year-old girl and I have a tendency to gain weight so I am constantly looking ... Read More

Thumb-Sucking Can Cause Dental Problems May. 14, 2014

Sylvia Rimm on Raising Kids

Q: My very close friend has a son in sixth grade Hwho still sucks his thumb. I have talked to her ab... Read More