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Orbiting Around a Sweet Moon Summer of '69 Jul. 24, 2019

Jamie Stiehm

The Summer of '69 was the end of the unforgettable '60s, even if you were very young. The haunting s... Read More

We Still Look to the Moon ... and Far Beyond Jul. 24, 2019

Daily Editorials

It seemed like the dawn of a new era 50 years ago when Neil Armstrong took that "one small step" ont... Read More

One Small Misstep for a Man? Jul. 03, 2019

The Word Guy

Did Neil Armstrong flub the first sentence spoken on the moon? The audio transmission of his words s... Read More

Man on the Moon May. 10, 2019

Antique or Junque

Q: I have enclosed a photo of a porcelain plate commemorating the landing of the first man on the mo... Read More

Harvest Moon Sep. 20, 2018


Week of Sept. 23-29, 2018 When the full moon rises around sunset on Monday, Sept. 24, many will be w... Read More