Let's Hope the Superintendent Moves

By Dr. Robert Wallace

September 18, 2018 5 min read

DR. WALLACE: My family and I live in a small community, and we have a rather small school district. Everyone in town knows everyone else. I am a ninth-grader and plan to go to Oklahoma State University to study veterinary medicine. I'm very fond of animals. I am a very good student, and I spend a great deal of time on my studies. I love my school, but I do have one huge gripe.

The school superintendent's son is a real class clown. He is always talking back to teachers and constantly making noises to disrupt the class. He is a true class cutup. I have this nerd in two of my classes, and he is a great daily distraction. I have personally talked to both of these teachers, but they haven't been able to calm him down.

Tell me what I can do to get this guy under control. I'm in class to learn from my teachers, not to hear inane commentary from this dolt. Please don't tell me to change teachers because both of these classes are considered honors classes.

I really don't want to get my parents about it because my mom works in the school cafeteria and my dad is a head custodian. I'd prefer an anonymous way to get this situation corrected, but I don't what to do. Any ideas? — Anonymous, via email

ANONYMOUS: Share the problems caused by the superintendent's son with your principal, and explain that your education is being hurt by this class clown. I am sure this information will not come as a total surprise. Explain that you have had a talk with both of your teachers but they have not brought this clown under control. Suggest that the principal visit the classrooms and see just how disruptive this student is. Perhaps even quietly listening outside the classroom door might do the trick so that the "disruptor" does not see the principal and pipe down when under his or her eye.

If the principal is not afraid of being demoted, the problem could likely be solved pretty quickly.


DR. WALLACE: I'm an 18-year-old young woman who's extremely confused. My boyfriend and I dated seriously for two years. We spent all of our free time together and loved being with each other. We started attending the same community college after high school. One day after the new school year started, he came up to me on campus and said he was tired of being tied down.

It's now been two months since we broke up. We see each other on campus. He still comes up and kisses me, and he tells me he misses me but that our relationship is finished and he will never go out with me again. He also said I don't matter to him anymore, even though I wrote and told him that I love him and would do anything to get him back.

His mother says she thinks that he still loves me and he is just going through a phase and will soon come back to reality. Do you think I should forget about this guy or take a chance and wait a while to see if he "finds" himself? — Heartbroken, Anaheim Hills, California

HEARTBROKEN: College gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet and make friends with many female and male students. If you believe your ex could be "finding" himself, it's possible that he could return to be your true love, but while he is trying to discover what he really wants, you will not be wasting any time waiting because you will be spending your time with several new friends, both platonic ones and a few that could potentially lead to romance. At some point, your situation will resolve itself to your satisfaction. Be socially active, and make friends with many fellow students. You'll then have options no matter what your former guy does going forward.

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