Witness to 'Cash Grabs'

By Dr. Robert Wallace

May 5, 2020 4 min read

DR. WALLACE: I'm 16 and live with my brother and his wife because my parents are in the middle of a really messy divorce. Both my brother and my sister-in-law have been very good to me, and they really make me feel at home, so I like living with them a lot. My sister-in-law helps me with my homework and has been a really good friend to me. But there is this one thing she does that really bothers me!

My brother works late on Friday and Saturday nights. This means that he sleeps in late on Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings. Sometimes, my sister-in-law sneaks into the bedroom while my brother is sleeping and takes a little money out of his pants! I've seen her do it twice already. When I asked her about it after I saw her do it the second time, she told me that my brother wouldn't care, but she also asked me not to say anything to my brother about her "borrowing" a little of his cash.

Should I keep quiet about this, or should I inform my brother of what is going on while he is sleeping?

P.S. Would you be upset if your wife went through your wallet while you were sleeping and weaseled a little cash out it? — Witness to Cash Grabs, via email

WITNESS TO CASH GRABS: It appears obvious that your sister-in-law wants to keep her cash grabs on the down low to avoid a confrontation with her husband. Since their assets are community property, it's all within the same family.

You don't even know what she did with the proceeds from her first grab, so my advice would be to remain quiet on this topic. For all you know, she uses that money to buy groceries for the household.

Furthermore, you've stated that you enjoy staying with your brother and sister-in-law, so why risk causing a problem within their home?

To answer your final question, no, I wouldn't care at all if my beloved wife borrowed a little cash from my pockets from time to time! However, she was an elementary school teacher for many years and retired with a nice pension for herself, so she has ample funding to buy the items she likes — with or without any help from me!


DR. WALLACE: I just heard that many more people have actually caught the COVID-19 virus than we had previously thought. I'm hearing that this could mean many people have already recovered from it without even knowing they had it, which might be a good thing for the theory of "herd immunity."

Our school has already been canceled for the rest of this school year, so my question is: Do you think schools in the U.S. will open back up for students to attend again in the fall? I'm going to be a senior in high school next year, and I sure would like to get back to my physical campus and classrooms! — Tired of Cabin Fever, via email

TIRED OF CABIN FEVER: Of course, the answer to your question depends on many things, especially on how our nation does with the virus and social distancing over this summer.

I'm no professional prognosticator, but in my opinion, I feel the odds are good that students will be back in classrooms across America this fall. However, I predict that there may well be some new rules, customs and adjustments that will become norms during these historic times.

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