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 Leslie Elman is a freelance writer and editor specializing in travel, art and generalist subjects. A professional trivia and quiz writer, she contributes questions for pub quiz nights around the U.S. as well as for the annual World Quizzing Championship. Her books include "The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book" and "Weird But True: 200 Astounding, Outrageous and Totally Off the Wall Facts."

Trivia Bits for Jun 23, 2018 Jun 23, 2018

William Sydney Porter, better known as O. Henry, was a masterful writer of short stories with a twist. Like "The Ransom of Red Chief," about kidnappers who abscond with a child so horrible and unruly they offer to pay the kid's parents to take him ba... Read More

Trivia Bits for Jun 22, 2018 Jun 22, 2018

"One Life to Live" debuted on America's TV screens in 1968 and stayed there virtually every weekday afternoon for more than 40 years. During that time, Erika Slezak appeared as Victoria Lord in nearly 2,100 episodes (including a brief revival of the ... Read More

Trivia Bits for Jun 21, 2018 Jun 21, 2018

Though it might look like "horse ballet," the equine discipline of dressage originated as a military discipline to train horses for the battlefield. When dressage became an Olympic event at the Stockholm games in 1912, only commissioned military offi... Read More