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 Leslie Elman is a freelance writer and editor specializing in travel, art and generalist subjects. A professional trivia and quiz writer, she contributes questions for pub quiz nights around the U.S. as well as for the annual World Quizzing Championship. Her books include "The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book" and "Weird But True: 200 Astounding, Outrageous and Totally Off the Wall Facts."

Trivia Bits for Dec 10, 2018 Dec 10, 2018

Turning out 381 million wheels a year has earned Lego the title of world's largest tire manufacturer, according to Guinness World Records. Of course, that's nothing compared with the number of Lego bricks manufactured each year — around 40 bill... Read More

Trivia Bits for Dec 08, 2018 Dec 08, 2018

When Frank Sinatra died, he was buried with a flask of Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey. Jackie Gleason reputedly introduced Frank to the drink, but Sinatra made it his signature, famously sipping it onstage between numbers. In 2014, Jack Daniel's int... Read More

Trivia Bits for Dec 07, 2018 Dec 07, 2018

In 2013, the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant in Sweden was shut down when a swarm of jellyfish — or, more properly, a "bloom" of jellyfish — clogged its cooling water intake system. Similar jellyfish infiltrations have occurred at power pl... Read More