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 Leslie Elman is a freelance writer and editor specializing in travel, art and generalist subjects. A professional trivia and quiz writer, she contributes questions for pub quiz nights around the U.S. as well as for the annual World Quizzing Championship. Her books include "The Ladies' Room Reader Quiz Book" and "Weird But True: 200 Astounding, Outrageous and Totally Off the Wall Facts."

Trivia Bits for Dec 05, 2019 Dec 05, 2019

Winter isn't typical ice cream season, so Bill and Dorothy Harmsen, owners of the Jolly Rancher ice cream shop in Golden, Colorado, began selling candy to keep sales up during the cold weather. That's how the Jolly Rancher candy company was born. It ... Read More

Trivia Bits for Dec 04, 2019 Dec 04, 2019

On the morning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Dec. 7, 1941, the repair ship USS Vestal was moored beside the battleship USS Arizona. Two direct bomb hits combined with explosions from the attack on the Arizona blew the Vestal's captain and h... Read More

Trivia Bits for Dec 03, 2019 Dec 03, 2019

Christmas movies capture hearts, but they don't grab many Academy Awards. Even "It's a Wonderful Life," that ultimate Christmas classic, had five Oscar nominations but no wins. One film on the short list of Christmas films that won Oscars is "How the... Read More


Monday, Dec. 2 It's possible that the world's oldest coin-operated machine was a holy water dispenser devised by the ancient Greek engineer Heron of Alexandria. When a coin was inserted, the machine released a stream of water that allowed a worshipp... Read More