Colors of Pride

By Joseph Pubillones

June 15, 2019 4 min read

June officially marks the beginning of summer, but it is also the time of year when gay pride is celebrated around the world. There is hardly any other field where the LGBTQ community has made a larger impact than the interior design world. Our community is replete with all the stereotypical characters that are usually associated with this particular profession, but it is equally populated by carpenters, plumbers, electricians and construction workers. We are everyone. The LGBTQ community is tough as nails and one that has endured catcalls, insults and devastating plagues. So, this month, we celebrate accomplishments and victories small and large, from visibility to marriage equality. We also celebrate those who embrace and support us.

The gay pride rainbow flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker to exemplify the diversity of our community and the beauty of every color and everyone. Here is a brief explanation of the colors of the rainbow for your next decorating project:

Red is an energizing color. It is the color of power and a color for confident homeowners. It is used often in libraries and dining rooms for its warmth. It is also a dramatic color and the emblematic color of love. Mix it with white and you create pinks, from hot pink to pale rose.

Orange is a happy color. It is a color that is always unexpected in interior design and adds an exhilarating pop. Derivatives such as copper and rose gold are sophisticated and are said to spark conversation. It is said that orange also brings out your appetite. I'm thinking beautiful oranges, peppers and carrots, the perfect colors for accessories.

Yellow is a color that captures light. It is the color of the sun and spreads conviviality. In light shades such as ivory, it creates comfortable rooms that are easy to live in. And in brighter tones, it grabs your attention just like a traffic light or a speeding taxicab. It is an expressive color synonymous with joy.

Green has always been the soothing color of nature. It is a color that is soft on the eyes, so it is often used in classrooms and is perfect for offices. Greens can be as vivid as the rolling hills of Ireland to more earthy and dusty renditions such as olive and silvery sage.

Blue soothes and gives a sense of well-being. Depending on the shade, it can decrease stress and induce a sense of peace and tranquility. Light shades of blue evoke the sky, and deeper shades of blue remind one of the oceans. I find that most shades of blue are perfect for bedrooms.

Violet is a royal color more commonly known as purple. It is a color synonymous with luxury and wealth, an eye-catching color that can look both feminine and masculine depending on how one pairs it. In light shades such as lilac and lavender, violet is can be at home in almost any room, including children's nurseries. In deep shades such as indigo, it is a striking and masculine color that looks its best when paired with whites, grays and silvers.

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