Politics, Anyone?

By Susan Estrich

October 7, 2016 4 min read

Oh, dear. I almost forgot what I was going to write about. And I don't think it's age.

Heck of a vice presidential debate, I say to the man in front me of me in line. Actually, I don't say it. I'm afraid that even in my NPR-ish zip code, he'll still look at me like I'm out of my mind. And if I'm being honest, I'm not sure I could pick Mike Pence out of a lineup, not that anyone votes for vice president. Indeed, both nominees seem to be doing their traditional tasks quite well: Look good at the convention, emerge briefly at the debate, clean up any spills, like Muslims, that's a definite spill, and then disappear again.

And then...

Two more presidential debates?

Never in my life did I think I would think this let alone say it, but do we really have to endure two more exercises of Donald Trump monopolizing our television time about how truly terrific it is that chumps like us pay big percentages of our earned income in taxes while billionaires like him often don't pay any taxes at all —not to mention how he uses bankruptcy and farms the federal student loan program. It's everywhere, too. It's on the net, and Hillary Clinton runs ads stating that's who he is. The real question is how a man who seems to view a run for the presidency as some kind of stop on the Entrepreneurial Wonderland Tour has ended up as the Republican nominee.

And every time I bring it up, there's a run on apples in the produce section. No one wants to talk about it. They want it to be over. Is it Thanksgiving yet? Better yet, Christmas?

I wish I could say that the country is falling in love with Clinton. As it turns out, the dynamic is a little bit different than many of us expected. We were all watching to see if Trump passed the threshold at the first debate, the way Reagan did back in 1980. He did not.

She did.

That turned out to be the important point.

Come on: Even if you don't much like Hillary Clinton, she was pretty much fine. She took responsibility for the server. I know, would have been nice on day one. But she addressed the serious issues of the day with thoughtfulness and deliberation. She gave no indication that she would bumble us into a nuclear war. Given today's standards, that just may be enough.

So I'll admit it. The day that absentee ballot comes in, I'm filling it out. Early voting couldn't come early enough this year. Taking my time to decide? Are you kidding? I don't know a single soul on either side who wants to take one more minute on this. I'd be surprised if this is a high-turnout election. And I'd be surprised if I don't see savvy Republicans moving money to state and Congressional races instead — if you want to watch what really matters for the next four years, watch the Senate. But as for the next Hillary-Donald debate, with some luck I may have voted by then.

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