By Susan Estrich

March 5, 2020 4 min read

I had the flu. I woke up. Pete Buttigieg was out. Amy Klobuchar was out. Elizabeth Warren was running third in Massachusetts. Joe Biden was winning everywhere. Now Mike Bloomberg is out. Warren is virtually gone.

Biden's the One.

How long was I sick?

Was it all because of South Carolina?

Congratulations, Joe.

The Democratic Party may yet avoid a landslide. No one took anything away from Bernie Sanders. It just happened.

Goodnight, Iowa. Goodnight, New Hampshire.

Sanders was on his way to a commanding lead coming out of Super Tuesday when Biden passed him by.

It had to happen. What's stunning is that it almost didn't.

Bloomberg was the one who did it. So long as he was out there looming, it was still an open question. "Maybe Bloomberg," people who had never said those words began saying. Maybe not. Definitely not.

Meaning: The field had to clear. It had to be Biden.

It was much more elegant than a brokered convention.

Oh, yes, and people — significant numbers of actual voters — finally got to start voting. Serious stuff, voting. You look at the list; you ask the same questions everyone has been asking since day one, which are not really about Biden at all; and then you pick the one candidate on the list who has the best chance of offending the fewest people.

High praise in these times.

Joe Biden has a secret weapon. It may be just what we need.

In recent years, it hasn't counted for much. But maybe that's part of the problem.

Biden is not Donald Trump, not even close.

He is a genuinely nice man.

He is not a hater. He is not a bully. He does not scream and throw things and fire people on a whim. He commands loyalty. He deserves respect.

He makes mistakes. He stutters. He has lost elections. Sometimes, he wanders. He will likely not deliver another Gettysburg Address.

He also will not embarrass us in front of the world.

He won't govern by Twitter.

He won't retaliate against those who obey the Constitution.

He won't defy Congress or the judiciary.

It is hard to imagine him doing any of those things.

Bloomberg had all the money in the world, and it didn't matter. People didn't like him.

Bernie has had all the attention he could get. He has peaked.

You can hire the best media maven, shuffle the numbers any way you want. But there is always a mirror.

At some point, maybe hundreds of millions of dollars later, we are still watching.

The Democrats — Mayor Pete, Sen. Amy, Uncle Joe — behaved like class acts.

It remains to be seen whether Bernie will follow suit. He can help a Democrat beat Trump. He can silence Hillary Clinton's complaints once and for all. Or not. Bernie is writing his legacy, as surely as Biden is writing his.

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Photo credit: Phil Roeder

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