Now, That's Double Talk!

By Rob Kyff

October 9, 2019 3 min read

The Department of Repetitive Redundancy, led by its leaders Pete and Re-Pete, who are a pair of twins, has generated a new innovation: a quiz designed to closely scrutinize your ability to detect repetitive words and phrases. Can you find five redundancies in this paragraph, as well as 25 in this speech by a worried company president?

My fellow colleagues, today we find ourselves surrounded on all sides by many challenges. This will require us to collaborate together throughout the entire company.

We are experiencing a serious crisis — a poisonous venom that is not always visible to the eye. The cause of these problems is due to a variety of different factors. Let's take a brief respite to consider them.

First, we still have unfilled vacancies in many departments. True, we have recently hired several new recruits, but this has provided only a temporary reprieve.

Second, a recent audit has found problems in our financial budget. Revenues from several departments have erroneously been commingled by mistake, and this merging together of resources has caused confusion.

Third, many of you have been frequenting the employee lounge on a regular basis. This would be fine if you were interacting with one another there, but many of you are sitting alone in solitude.

I know we can't entirely eliminate these problems overnight, but it's an absolute necessity that we address these issues. The consensus of opinion among our top managers is that, with proper advance planning, we can revert back to basic fundamentals.

Redundancies in First Paragraph (in parentheses):

1. Department of (Repetitive) Redundancy 2. led (its leaders) 3. who are (a pair of) twins 4. (new) innovation 5. (closely) scrutinize

Redundancies in President's Speech (in parentheses):

1. (fellow) colleagues 2. surrounded (on all sides) 3. collaborate (together) 4. throughout the (entire) company 5. (serious) crisis 6. (poisonous) venom 7. visible (to the eye) 8. The cause of the problems is (due to) 9. a variety of (different) factors 10. (brief) respite 11. (unfilled) vacancies 12. (new) recruits 13. (temporary) reprieve 14. (financial) budget 15. erroneously been commingled (by mistake) 16. merging (together) 17. frequenting the employee lounge (on a regular basis) 18. interacting (with one another) 19. sitting alone (in solitude) 20. (entirely) eliminate 21. (absolute) necessity 22. consensus (of opinion) 23. (advance) planning 24. revert (back) 25. (basic) fundamentals

Rob Kyff, a teacher and writer in West Hartford, Connecticut, invites your language sightings. Send your reports of misuse and abuse, as well as examples of good writing, via email to [email protected] or by regular mail to Rob Kyff, Creators Syndicate, 737 3rd Street, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254.

Photo credit: Skitterphoto at Pixabay

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