Are Business Buzzwords on Your Radar?

By Rob Kyff

October 10, 2018 3 min read

Let's play Jargon Jumble!

Fill in each blank in the following sentences with the best choice from the list of business cliches:

Verb Phrases: A. bring to the table B. hit the ground running C. boil the ocean D. move the needle E. loop in

1. This initiative requires a fast start. We'll have to ____ .

2. That will take too long; it's like trying to ____.

3. We need advice; let's ____ the legal department on this matter.

4. What qualities does this job candidate ____?

5. This powerful campaign will show measurable results; it will definitely ____.

Adjective Phrases: F. best in class G. on the same page H. consumer-centric I. baked into J. results-driven K. on my radar L. out-of-pocket M. bleeding-edge

6. This is an innovative, ____ idea.

7. She's in Alaska and will be ____ for two weeks.

8. We need to be coordinated; let's make sure we're all ____

9. The only thing that matters to us is the final outcome; we're very ____.

10. I'm aware of your proposal; it's ____.

11. Profit opportunities are ____ this strategy.

12. We produce a top-quality product that's ____.

13. Pleasing our customers is our priority; we have to be ____.

Nouns and Noun Phrases: N. low-hanging fruit O. deep dive P. pipeline Q. moving parts R. idea shower S. wheelhouse T. action item U. best practices V. core competencies W. ducks in a row X. tool kit Y. swim lanes

14. What's the first ____ on our agenda?

15. Our brainstorming session produced an ____.

16. We'll always conform to established standards and follow ____.

17. Managers who meddle in other departments should stay in their own ____.

18. We need to return to what we've always done best, to our ____.

19. This project has been in the ____ for years.

20. He's highly adept with a lot of skills in his ____.

21. Let's take a ____ and research this thoroughly.

22. Let's go after the easy stuff first, the ____.

23. This plan is tricky and complicated, with a lot of ____.

24. That project matches my skills perfectly; it's right in my ____.

25. All aspects of this project are in place; we have all our ____.

Answers: 1. B 2. C 3. E 4. A 5. D 6. M 7. L 8. G 9. J 10. K 11. I 12. F 13. H 14. T 15. R 16. U 17. Y 18. V 19. P 20. X 21. O 22. N 23. Q 24. S 25. W

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