Recent Home-Based Jobs Show Telework Variety

By Christine Durst

By Michael Haaren

May 16, 2013 4 min read

While the pundits debate the pros and cons of telework and Yahoo's recent ban, the marketplace continues to hire home-based workers. As we'll show in a moment, just a small sampling of current jobs suggests just how wide-ranging the telework movement has become.

And it's worth noting in passing that the virtual-work movement is growing not only domestically, but internationally, too. Just take a look at CloudFactory. Run by an international team in Nepal, CloudFactory aims to put one million people to work virtually in the developing world. (For more, see


As we write, companies literally "from A to Z" — from American Express to Zirtual — are seeking home-based workers. Here are five recent jobs and projects that give a sense of what's happening in the world of virtual work.

1. American Express seeks customer service agents. Among the blue chips, "AmEx" may be one of the more venerable companies, but they've been a leader in building a home-based workforce. As we write, the company seeks customer care professionals in almost all 50 states.

Average hourly pay of $15.73, with paid training and benefits, make these jobs exceptionally attractive for many home-based job seekers. On that note, don't wait to apply, as the positions fill quickly. For more, see

2. seeks writers to cover lessons in living. Per the lead, "The lessons writer is expected to contribute no less than a new lifehack lesson every week which involves creating lessons that can help people to have an impact on all parts of their life, whether that be building things, configuring things, skills, tools, or lifestyle."

For more, see

3. Amphion seeks medical coders and coding reviewers. The telehealth movement is going strong, embracing home-based medical coders and transcriptionists, as well as triage nurses, radiologists and even pharmacists. For more on Amphion's openings, go to

4. (for disclosure, an advertiser on our Rat Race Rebellion website) seeks home-based personal technology experts. Per the lead, "Are you the person people call when their computers malfunction? Do you fix their problems so fast and easily? Do you consider yourself really competent at fixing computers, synching printers and smart phones, etc.?" If so, this may be a fit for you.

The position includes benefits and 401(k). For more, see

5. Google seeks temporary ads quality raters, via WorkforceLogic. If you like doing online research, Google is hiring people to assess the accuracy of its web advertising.

Per the lead, "you will be responsible for reporting and tracking the visual quality and content accuracy of Google advertisements. Ads Quality Raters use an online tool to examine advertising-related data of different kinds and provide feedback and analysis to Google." For details, see

Christine Durst and Michael Haaren are leaders in the work-at-home movement and advocates of de-rat-raced living. Their latest book is "Work at Home Now," a guide to finding home-based jobs. They offer additional guidance on finding home-based work at To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at

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