Osama, Obama and Bush, Osama photos, and Osama Undies

By Mark Levy

May 5, 2011 4 min read

Dear Mark: President Obama took out Osama bin Laden, something the inept George Bush couldn't do. Now maybe you conservatives will shut up about Obama's toughness and whether he's a strong leader or not. In the words of Toby Keith, "How do like me now?" — Go Obama in Alabama

Dear Go: I applaud President Obama for his decision to use deadly force to take out Osama. He did what a president is supposed to do given the intel he was presented.

As Obama runs his victory lap, I've been amazed at the liberal politicians and pundits, and the yoga like contortions of their convoluted thinking in denying that any of George Bush's intelligence policies helped accomplish the "Geronimo" moment.

I'm not asking President Obama to kiss the ring of President Bush to thank him for the policies that allowed the SEALs to take out bin Laden. But at the very least Obama could call off the dogs at the Justice Department who are trying to prosecute the very people who made this successful mission possible. Bush hit the triple that ultimately put Obama on third base as the pinch runner. All the president had to do was run home.

It must be a tough time to be a liberal when your "messiah" is doing the very things you hate. Obama has extended the Bush tax cuts. He has not closed Gitmo. He doubled down on the war in Afghanistan and pushed the United States into a civil war in Libya. And, to top it all off, Obama utilized information partially gathered from "enhanced interrogation techniques" to take out the most wanted criminal in the world. With that track record, the only difference between Obama and Bush is that the current president is a better dancer. Bet that stings.

Dear Mark: I am ecstatic that our Navy SEALs took out the 9/11 mastermind, Osama bin Laden. Now I'm torn as to whether our government should release the death photos of this beast. Bin Laden was a brutal, diabolical terrorist bastard who met the appropriate justice. What do you think about releasing the photos? — Kodachrome in Kansas

Dear Kodachrome: I see both sides of the photo debate and respect most of the arguments. But today I am endorsing the release of the bin Laden death photos. Not for some ghoulish curiosity or conspiratorial doubts, but to show our enemies that even with a lily-livered liberal president, America's finest will still hunt you down and kill you.

I disagree with President Obama's argument that releasing the photos would "incite additional violence" or be used as a "propaganda tool." Radical Muslims are already upset with the Western world, so I doubt releasing the pictures will inflame their hatred anymore than the killing itself.

As for propaganda, we can use that to our advantage. Many radical Islamist idiots will take the photos of bin Laden to their local Kinko's and turn them into posters. They will then parade through Middle Eastern towns, wailing about bin Laden the martyr. Our intelligence agencies can simply "observe" who is carrying the posters and add them to our "whose next" list.

Dear Mark: It looks as if Osama bin Laden was prepared to run, as he had 500 Euros and two phone numbers stitched into his clothes. What have you heard? — Goodbye in Greenwich

Dear Goodbye: I actually heard he was hiding an extra pair of undies and a get-out-of-jail-free card.

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