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Mark Levy

Dear Mark by Mark Levy is a political advice column full of hot opinions that answers questions presented by the readers themselves. Levy uses just enough irreverent humor to take the edge off typical partisan political discussions while explaining his conservative point of view. His responses are well researched, and he uses terms that speak to the reader, not above the reader.

Levy received a college degree in marketing and has been in various capacities of sales and marketing for over 20 years. He has applied his marketing experience to numerous local, state, and national political campaigns, including special projects for gubernatorial candidate George W. Bush and then-Gov. Bush. Levy also has worked with Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and the Federation of Independent Business lobbying groups. He has served in leadership positions with the political action committees of two major pharmaceutical companies.

In addition to his columns, Levy appears weekly on local television debating liberal activists in a point-counterpoint format. He has also appeared numerous times as a political analyst during election coverage.
Mark Levy is originally from New Orleans, but has spent most of his life in Texas, where he currently resides with his wife and two daughters.


'Twas the Week Before Christmas Dec 18, 2015

'Twas the week before Christmas, when all through this place, Not a creature was stirring, politicians scurry in haste; The stockings were filled by the lobbyists with care, In hopes that St. Barack soon would be there; And just when the voters could... Read More

Obama's Foreign Policy, Kerry's Climate and Biden Hell Sep 06, 2014

Dear Mark: You constantly bash our president when you should be standing with him, especially when it comes to foreign policy. The issues America faces abroad are daunting, yet you hammer him anyway. Our political differences should end at our shore.... Read More

IRS's Blackberry and Burger King in Canada Aug 30, 2014

Dear Mark: I am deeply disturbed at the news that the Blackberry phone of embattled IRS employee Lois Lerner was mysteriously destroyed during the investigation into allegations that the IRS illegally targeted conservative groups. The IRS is the mos... Read More

Ferguson Justice and Perry's Problem Aug 23, 2014

Dear Mark: I am very concerned about what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting death of Michael Brown. There is plenty of evidence that the police officer acted appropriately, and yet the protests and looting continue. Why in the he... Read More