Minimum Wage Math Lesson and Satan

By Mark Levy

February 22, 2014 4 min read

Dear Mark: You heartless Republicans need to read the most recent Congressional Budget Office report on raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. The report said it would help over 16 million people and even raise some of them out of poverty. People are struggling out here, and you idiots won't do anything about it. Wouldn't your party be better off getting behind this proposal instead of hurting America? — Free Advice from Al

Dear Free: First of all, maybe you missed the part of the CBO report that said 500,000 jobs would be lost if the minimum wage was increased from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour.

It always amazes me that liberals are convinced that the theory of global warming is "settled science," to use the president's own words, yet they are so blind to the simple economic theories that are confirmed daily in businesses across America.

Let me explain using real math with real numbers and, by the way, I'll type slowly so the liberal readers can understand.

Let's start with the CBO's figure of 16.5 million Americans who will supposedly benefit from a minimum wage increase:

16.5 million multiplied by the $2.85 increase in the minimum wage, and you get $47 million for one hour.

Now take the $47 million and multiply it by 30 hours per week, and you have $1.4 billion.

There are 52 weeks in a year, so multiply that by $1.4 billion, and you have $72.8 billion in new costs for American businesses in just one year.

Common sense dictates that businesses across the country will not be able to simply absorb this increase in payroll, so the question I have for President Obama is, where are businesses supposed to come up with the $72.8 billion? Especially since businesses don't have the ability to print their own money like Washington does.

The answer is easy for anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of economics — businesses will either have to reduce expenses, i.e., cut employees, or raise prices. But we all know that economics wasn't the class Barack Obama taught at the University of Chicago Law School.

Dear Mark: I am sickened by today's lack of morals and the decay of our society. I believe the Internet has played a significant role in that decline. The recent craigslist murder is a perfect example. Miranda Barbour lured a man through Craigslist and then murdered him as a result of their encounter. She's also claiming she's part of a satanic cult and has killed more. Wasn't technology supposed to help us? — Glenda in Arizona

Dear Glenda: It's not that technology in and of itself is bad. It's that people can misuse it and it can be overrated. For instance, kids don't seem to be any smarter today than in the days of Big Chief tablets and number two pencils, yet we've spent billions for technology in our schools. Some would argue that society is actually dumber with the popularity of video games and other technological "advances."

What I find interesting about the craigslist murder is that Satanists are distancing themselves from Ms. Barbour. Magus Peter Gilmore, who is High Priest of the Church of Satan, defended his organization when he said, "As we've said time and again, Satanism is a law-and-order philosophy."

Let me get this straight, Satanists are claiming the mantle of "law and order" while our president is signing executive orders to not enforce our immigration laws as well as illegally altering Obamacare. Let's not forget about the NSA spying on millions of private citizens. Maybe those who accuse President Obama of being the devil are actually paying him a compliment.

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