No Satan Here and Obama's Increased Gas

By Mark Levy

February 25, 2012 4 min read

Dear Mark: Just when a true conservative is gaining traction, Rick Santorum has all this "satan" talk hitting the headlines. Republicans need to learn Bill Clinton's election strategy of "It's the economy, stupid" and learn it fast, or Obama is going to waltz to re-election. Do Republicans have a death wish for the country? — Conservative Mad Max in Maine

Dear Mad: Republicans don't have a death wish for the country, but while trying to get their message out, they are fighting a huge liberal propaganda machine in the media.

Economic matters don't seem to bother liberals as long as they can tax with impunity and spend other people's money to fulfill their agenda. The $16 trillion national debt, high unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices, etc. don't phase libs when a Democrat is in the White House, but show them a polar bear balancing on an ice cube, take a pro-life position or profess to have Christian values, and they go berserk.

Find an old speech of Santorum attacking Satan, and the writers at "The Daily Show," Stephen Colbert and "Saturday Night Live" begin drooling like bloodhounds watching a butcher.

Santorum does have his own set of moral values, as do we all, but they have not been the focus of his campaign. Team Obama is desperately trying to turn this into an election about social issues to divert attention from the president's dismal handling of the economy. Who can blame them? I certainly understand your frustration, especially when the media paint a picture of a Republican candidate that looks more like a Picasso than the actual candidate himself.

Dear Mark: I watched the Republican debate this week, and the CNN host did not ask a single question about the high price of gasoline. A gallon of gas is the highest it's ever been for this time of year, and the summer travel season hasn't even gotten here yet. Talk about something that will stop what little economic recovery we're experiencing. Don't you think that should have been the No. 1 topic? — Gasoline Sally in Saginaw

Dear Sally: To help the voter make the most informed decision possible, moderators of presidential debates should always ask questions that are pertinent, timely and relevant. Networks such as CNN are well aware of this. The high price of gas has a direct impact on the entire economy no matter what income level and should have been at the top of any moderator's list, unless of course you're in the "tank" for Obama. Stories about the price of gas have been flying all over the networks, and yet somehow CNN decided not to ask the obvious. Could it be that CNN also knows the price of gas can sink a presidency?

During his eight years in office, President Bush was beaten mercilessly by the "price of gas" stick. Remember when the price of gas went up and Bush was accused of helping his oil buddies get richer? When gas went down, Bush was then accused of manipulating the market to buy votes for re-election.

President Obama's failed green energy investments, failed Middle East policy and "blame game" excuses for your pain at the pump float past the catatonic media as if they had just come down from their messiah's mountain clutching their new propaganda tablets. Today, President Obama whined about factors beyond his control as the reason for the price hikes. Hey, media, somebody investigate his statement and tell the president he's president.

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