Mitt's baggage, Tebow and Obama's Cuts

By Mark Levy

January 12, 2012 4 min read

Dear Mark: Mitt Romney has won both Iowa and New Hampshire, and is well on his way to becoming the Republican nominee to run against President Obama. I'm worried that some of the baggage Romney carries related to his past business dealings will hurt him during the general election in November.

I'm especially concerned about his affiliation with Bain Capital and his quotation about "firing people." I feel like he will be an easy target for the Obama machine. Do I have reasons to be concerned? — Calm This Conservative in Conroe

Dear Calm: Fasten your seat belt because 2012 is going to be one bumpy ride for Republicans, conservatives, the tea party and Mitt Romney. The Obama smear machine ... uh, I mean his re-election campaign, with its billion dollar bank account, will be loaded for bear. Although the way Obama burns through our tax dollars, his campaign chest might not last long.

Romney's "baggage" is irrelevant because Obama's plan all along was to paint whomever the Republicans nominate as some heartless, evil Wall Street capitalist who would evict his own mother in order to make a dime for shareholders. By the time November rolls around, Obama will have forgone the truth and have many voters believing that Romney is two steps to the right of Satan with better hair. I suggest you keep a lot of antacids on hand.

Dear Mark: I'm so tired of hearing about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and his Christianity. There are 52 other players on the team that helped the Broncos win, yet this punk gets all of the attention. Do you really think God cares whether the Broncos win or not? — Tebow My Rear in Rio Linda

Dear Rear: I don't believe God cares about the Broncos because we all know he is a Cowboys' fan. Seriously, I think the Tebow phenomenon is awesome and the fact that it's driving atheists, liberals and other secular folks crazy is icing on my cake.

By all accounts, Tebow is a fine young man who proudly stands up for his faith and gives glory to God for all that he's accomplished. He has never asked to be the center of attention, but for some reason the media are fixated on him as if he had an arm growing out of his head.

Tebow's expressions of faith on the football field are not about wins and losses but about using his God-given talents and fame to spread the good word of heavenly salvation. Compared to the sexual exploits, drug abuse and criminal records of many in the NFL, is praying after a touchdown really so bad?

Dear Mark: President Obama strutted up to the Pentagon to crow about his new strategy for the military and the associated budget cuts to reduce the national debt. Seems like his 1960s pacifist, antiwar colors have finally bloomed. Are you as bothered as I am? — Retired But Ready to Serve Again

Dear Retired: You bet I am; but aren't you secure knowing that a community organizing liberal former college professor is telling generals and admirals where, when and how much to spend on the defense of our nation and allies?

If these cutbacks are truly about saving money and not some liberal anti-military vendetta, then any minute we can expect to hear Obama give a press briefing about revamping welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the EPA and so on. ... I'm still waiting

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