No Lives Matter

By Marc Dion

July 25, 2016 4 min read

I think this may be when black and white in America finally have it out, when we finish the race war that began at the end of the Civil War. There are people on both sides who want it, or who think they want it, or who think it will make them heroes, and those people have guns.

We're pretty close to the last battle now. We have dead cops (and a cop's color barely matters, he or she is white to the eyes behind the gun.) We have Donald's Trump's assurance that we have a big problem called "political correctness," which means America won't be great again until we can call black people whichever insulting name we think is the funniest.

See it all as one long war, and it becomes clear.

After the Civil War, the Black Army has won a great battle. They are free, just like everyone else.

That cannot be borne. The White Army counterattacks. Jim Crow is born. The White Army wins that one.

The Black Army performs what military people call a "flanking maneuver." They can't face the White Army head on, not in the South, so they sweep around its flank, looking for freedom in the great industrial cities of the North. In a battle fought on two fronts, the Black Army defeats the White Army in the civil rights struggle.

Faced with this stunning defeat, the White Army retreats. They abandon the cities to the Black Army and build impregnable strongholds in the suburbs.

There are skirmishes. The Black Army sometimes attacks and conquers a suburb, and the White Army withdraws further, bulldozing cornfields to build another stronghold, further from the city.

Sometimes, elements of the White Army raid into the cities, retaking neighborhoods their grandparents lost to the Black Army. The lifestyle sections of newspapers celebrate these successful raids, calling the retaken neighborhoods "up and coming" or "gentrified."

There are turncoats and traitors, and sellouts. People cross the line for love or money. Hearing people say Barack Obama is America's "first black president" you see how deep the division really runs.

Barack Obama is half-black. His mother was white and his father was black, but he is a black man, because that is what the rules say. If your mother is Italian and your father is Jewish, we say you are half-Italian and half-Jewish, but if either parent is black, we say you are black. The only people who say "biracial" are inner-city grade school teachers and white women who have had a child with a black man.

And now, once more, we stare at each other from behind barricades, ready for the next battle. Both sides are better armed than ever before and a few shots have been fired by both sides.

Maybe no retreat is possible. A thousand voices tell us to stand our ground, to kill. I think soon, maybe no lives will matter.

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