By Lynda Hirsch

December 5, 2020 3 min read

David Prowse ("Star Treks'" Darth Vader) died this week following a two-week struggle with the coronavirus. He truly was a gracious gentle giant. The actors who played R2-D2 and C-3PO loathed each other, and Prowse was the mediator. Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker, said if things were tense, Prowse calmed down everyone.

I got to meet the towering stuntman and bodybuilder when he was a guest star on "The Edge of Night." We were seated in a hotel lobby, which featured an aviary. Prowse wondered if they felt cooped up and if they were being fed enough. The only thing that bothered him about his height was it tended to intimidate people. He was jazzed about "The Edge of Night." We shot outside in a fortress. Great fun, and it had to be one perfect take.

At the end of the interview, he leaned forward and told me he had a secret. I promised not to tell and said it was off the record. In a whisper he said, "I am Luke Skywalker's father." WAIT. WHAT.' I kept my promise. Now that he is gone, I feel I can make the reveal. Also, anyone who is into the series already knows it. I think death allows one to tell the secret.

The daytime Emmy's will be streamed next year in June. The uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has caused the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences — which is in charge of the daytime Emmy's — to rethink their plans. It was to be a big two- to three-day event. Parades, confetti, special guests. They are saving that for next year. This year, lots of Zooms and clips. Hollywood Reporter said the Academy Awards would be live. An Oscars spokesperson says: "Not so fast. We need more information about the virus." Don't we all.

Bill Cosby was once America's favorite dad, until he was sent to the slammer for sexual abuse. He accidentally admitted in his civil case that he may have made a sexual advance. Five women backed him up. In jail, Cosby has petitioned that the charges be dropped. Victoria Rowell of "Young and Restless" has never confirmed those actions, but she has said the set was nothing like the Huxtable family. You can say that again. Cosby was not Mr. Nice Guy. To me, that is akin to revealing Jiminy Cricket was not the good guy whose motto was, "Let your conscious be your guide." It appears Cosby does not have one. This fact my prove it. In the beginning of "The Cosby Show," a beautiful mural popped up. It had been produced by a high school art class in a low-income area. The art department asked for a token payment. Cosby said no. When it was suggested they may pull the picture, Cosby said: "Who cares, our art department can reproduce it." Nice.

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