By Lynda Hirsch

December 21, 2019 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Liam tries to convince Steffy that they can trust Zoe. Hope asks Quinn, and then Sally, to help design her new line, looking for anyone other than Thomas to handle the job. Thomas reveals his current ploy to Vinny, who offers his friend advice. Hope is freaked out after walking in on Thomas setting up a romantic table for two. She assumes that Thomas's romantic gesture is for her. Liam urges Steffy to bring Zoe back to Forrester in a scheme to beat Thomas at his own game. As Hope watches in shock, Thomas asks Zoe to rekindle their romance. Liam tells Wyatt about how he knows Thomas is putting on a show for Hope. Ridge and Eric tell Steffy that a fashion show down will bring Forrester publicity. Zoe apologizes to Steffy. Hope chastises Steffy, furious that she would consider re-hiring Zoe. Brooke questions Ridge about Zoe's new job. Thomas says to Zoe that he wants to move on with her, and they share a passionate kiss. Hope questions the truth of Thomas and Zoe's romance. Knowing that he has a spy in place, Liam gives Hope the greenlight to work with Thomas. Brooke begs Ridge to see Thomas for who he really is after Ridge asks her to forgive his son. Zoe assures Steffy that she is still on board to do whatever she and Liam need. Brooke tells Ridge that Thomas is obsessed with both her and Hope. Ridge gives Brooke an option to get their old lives back. Steffy grills Zoe about Thomas. Brooke and Hope agree over their feelings toward Zoe. Carter questions Zoe about her relationship with Thomas. Thomas informs Steffy that he is no longer fixated on Hope. Steffy lets Brooke in on her plan with Liam to use Zoe to find out the truth about Thomas's feelings for Hope.


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": At Crimson Lights, Faith surprises Sharon when she arrives home earlier than planned. Summer welcomes Faith back with a hug and a ton of questions about boarding school and boys. In the back of her mind, Sharon worries Connor will need her help soon. Rey wonders if Sharon's helping for Connor's sake or Adam's. At Society, Chance lets Adam know he's staying in Genoa City. He knows there are reminders of their past in Las Vegas but believes staying in town is the right decision. Adam just wants to forget their Vegas days. Phyllis interrupts them and warns Chance that Adam will stab him in the back. Later, Adam wants to take Connor to Hope's farm, where he spent his childhood. He also wants Chelsea to come. Chelsea believes Adam is pulling an elaborate scheme to get Connor away from his Newman side of the family. Adam knows Nick doesn't want him around. Adam recalls the farm where they exchanged vows. He knows it'll allow emotions to resurface for Chelsea as he confesses his love for her. Chelsea says they'll always have a bond because of Connor but that she loves Nick. Later, Billy and Victoria celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Billy learns that a deal he's consulting on hasn't closed and needs to stay in town. Victoria offers to postpone their flight to Telluride, but Billy insists they leave without him. He promises he'll make it as soon as the deal is closed. Victoria hates to leave Billy behind on Christmas Eve. He holds her tight as he battles internally with himself that he may never be the man she needs. Ashley returns home to surprise her family for Christmas. Jack hosts a Christmas Eve dinner at Society, where Lauren and Michael join the festivities. Later, Lauren receives the ultimate Christmas gift when Fen comes home.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Called to the prison by Will, Sonny is crushed when Will insists on a divorce. Will says they can never be together because of his responsibility in Adrienne's death. Sonny tells Evan he is going to agree to Will, even though Will is the love of his life. Out of solitary, Clyde taunts Ben about his impending death sentence. When Ben claims Justin will prove his innocence, Clyde laughs and says they need to think outside the box. A source at the prison tells Victor that Ciara has made numerous visits. When Ciara says she went there to see Will, not Ben, Victor contacts the source to know who Ciara is visiting. While Eric and Ciara are in Boston getting cancer treatment for Mickey, a glum Xander is unhappy when he finds Ciara in his office. The two snipe but find common ground. As Rafe arrives, searching for Rolf, Gina — in Hope mode — pushes Stefano out the door. With nowhere to go, Stefano seeks help from Kate. Kate sneaks him into her room at the Brady pub. Back in Salem, Kristen and Lani have a spa day and then plan a way to reclaim their lives. Eli brings JJ home from Italy. While detoxing in the hospital, JJ has a vision of Hayley. The vision tells him he must stop being bitter and plotting to kill Kristen, and to get off drugs. The IT guy who was blackmailed by Stefano makes it look like Rolf pushed Jennifer off the balcony. Gabi is furious when Eli tells her he did not ask Kristen for her DiMera shares. Marlena pressures John to tell Hope it is time to move out. Hope/Gina is furious when John tells her he has no romantic feelings for her and says she must move. Looking through Rolf's lair, Rafe finds many objects that have a connection to Stefano. Stefano panics when Marlena knocks on the door. Gabi is stunned when Kristen says she not turning over her DiMera stock.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Liz and Cameron are overjoyed when Franco wakes up and has all his old memories. Lucy gets Sasha to be the face of Deception for 30% of the company. At the art auction, Trina causes Valentin to lose his bid on Helena's portrait. Laura gets the bid. Suddenly, the picture goes up in flames. Ava tells Nikolas she saved the codicil, which gives him claim to the Cassadine fortune. When Rocco does not believe that Charlotte has a bodyguard, she jumps in the water. Dustin jumps in and rescues the child. Valentin and Lulu plan to fight for custody of the little girl. Jason suggests to Anna that Peter had a connection to Shiloh. Laura is confused when Charlotte shows her a picture of Nikolas and claims he is her bodyguard. Kevin gets her to believe it is merely a photo Charlotte found. Liesel tells Nina she saw Valentin take a swab from her mother for the DNA, which he used to prove Sasha was her daughter. Finn and Violet continue their father and daughter bonding. Julian begs a still comatose Lucas to come back to him. Brad blames Nelle for Lucas's car crash. Carly continues to keep Nikolas's presence from Sonny. Sonny is furious when Carly will not tell him the secret she shares with Jax. Franco is heartbroken when he learns Drew is presumed dead, and he tells Liz he will make Drew proud by living a good and happy life. Julian breathes easy when he learns the investigation into the car crash with Brad and Lucas has been closed without any findings. Still in a coma, Lucas is transferred to the same longterm facility where Mike is staying. Anna finds a direct link to Peter and Shiloh's crimes.


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