By Lynda Hirsch

December 14, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Ridge begs Brooke not to let her feelings for his son ruin their relationship. Zoe queries Thomas about his current feelings for Hope. Eric learns of Ridge and Brooke's impending divorce from Quinn and Shauna. Thomas maneuvers to get Ridge on board with his new plan for Hope. Ridge turns to Shauna after a difficult day. Steffy shows compassion to Ridge for the situation he is currently in. Thomas tries to convince Hope her that her line is at stake. Steffy is concerned that Thomas is doing the runway show for the wrong reason; Hope. Steffy brings out the competitor in Hope who says "game on" to the fashion show down. Liam lets Thomas know that he doesn't buy his "reformed" act. Hope becomes determined to find a designer other than Thomas to work on the Hope for the Future line. Thomas visits Shauna in hopes of convincing her to go after Ridge. Thomas has a fantasy 10 years into the future. Steffy agrees to find out the truth about Thomas. Brooke clings to the belief that Ridge will finally see the truth about his son. Steffy and Liam pay Vinny a visit and instead find Zoe, who apologizes for her past transgressions. Eric talks to Thomas about his relationship, past, present and future, with Hope.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Chelsea arrives at Crimson Light and shares with Sharon that things have gotten worse with Connor. Sharon sympathizes with Chelsea's frustrations about Connor's school. Chelsea wants to legally fight the academy's request for Connor not to return. Sharon suggests Chelsea consult Amanda, who is at Crimson Lights. Amanda suggests Chelsea consider homeschool or another academy before they take legal action against Walnut Grove. Meanwhile, Mariah surprises Sharon with news that Faith will be home for Christmas. Adam visits the Ranch with Connor and tells Nikki about Connor not being allowed to attend Walnut Grove. She's outraged but Adam doesn't want her or Victor to pull any strings. He admits that he's lost because he and Chelsea try everything to help Connor. Sparks fly between Abby and Chance on their date. He's glad the fake jewelry heist brought them together. Before their date is over, Chance asks Abby for a kiss. She gladly permits him for a passionate first kiss. At Crimson Lights, Billy awkwardly runs into Amanda. She congratulates him on his new job. Billy's nervous for a new beginning but Amanda reassures his good looks and success will keep him on the right track. Amanda cuts to the chase and asks Billy if he's looking to have an affair. Over at the Newman ranch, Victoria thanks Victor for hosting pre-Christmas with the grandkids since they'll be in Telluride, Colorado, over Christmas. As the evening carries on, Victor proudly acknowledges his children's accomplishments. He's most grateful for Nikki, whom he calls his Christmas miracle, since doctors didn't know if she'd survive just last Christmas. Victor adds that she helps him look toward the future as he battles his disease.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Eric and Sarah head to Boston to get cancer therapy for Mickey. Maggie is outraged when Eric orders Xander to stay away from Mickey or he will seek full custody of his daughter. Desperate to know what is wrong with Mickey, Xander breaks into Kayla's office just as she is entering. Kate is outraged when she realizes Sonny is attracted to Evan. Confronting Stefano, who has been given Steve's body as his host by Rolf, Kate agrees to keep his secret. Hope in Gina mode fears Abigail is getting too close to truth that she pushed Jennifer off the balcony. Gabi and Chad's plans to get Kristen's DiMera shares hit a snag when Kristen decided to keep the shares and take over the company. Visiting Will in prison, Justin says he loves him like a son, even though he caused Adrienne's death. Will asks Sonny for a divorce. Facing the death penalty, Ben is stunned when his lawyer quits. Ciara gets Justin to take over the case. Marlena is frosty when Xander tries to talk to her. John agrees to tell Hope it is time she moved on. Rafe is bothered by Hope's curious behavior. Ciara plans to get close to Xander so she can prove Victor hired him to kill Jordan. Xander is suspicious when he realizes his metal attache case has been switched. Heading to Boston with Sarah for Mickey's cancer treatment, Eric tells Xander he does not want him to check on the baby's treatment. Hope panics when the surveillance camera, in effect when Jenifer was pushed over the balcony, is revealed. Ben finds a dead rat on his prison bed. Jack gives Jennifer the perfect homecoming.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Jason assures a jailed Sam he will take care of the children while she is in prison for Shiloh's murder. Brooklyn tells Ned she fired her mom as her manager because her career was in a rut. Ned is stunned that she signed a five-year deal with a new music promoter who has gotten her less work than Lois did. Able to breathe on his own, Lucas is taken off the ventilator but remains in a coma. Nelle, desperate to get out of jail so she can kidnap Wiley, got Ryan to stab her. While the injury is minor, it gets her out of prison and into GH. Peter shoots the henchman in Franco's room. While the procedure is completed, Franco has yet to wake up. Jason says he will never forgive Franco's past crimes, but since his son Jake loves him, he will not cause any problem between Jake and Franco. With Michael on overload, Ned takes over running ELQ for the time being. With Oscar's will still in probate, everyone waits to see where his ELQ stock will go. Nelle gets Martin to represent her. Michael and Carly try to dissuade Sonny from taking Mike overseas for a clinical Alzheimer's trial. Due to overcrowding, Harmony gets early prison release. Jax is unable to locate Hayden. Admitting she still loves Valentin, Nina tells Ava they need to work together to bring down Valentin and Nikolas. Olivia assures LuLu she understands her moving on from Dante. Jason tries to convince Anna that Peter is the reason Sam is in jail. Nina tells Jax that Valentin is not just evil. Sonny is angry when he realizes Carly and Jax are sharing a secret. Nikolas is alive.


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