By Lynda Hirsch

December 14, 2019 3 min read

I adore actors. I have them as friends. I dated one. Big mistake. One thing I know is that they lie for a living. They are trying to make you believe they are someone they are not. To make you believe that, they have to believe that. If they are playing a tree, then they have to believe they are a tree. So when Parry Shen (Brad, "General Hospital") posted what appeared to be a farewell to fans and the show he spent seven years on, it seemed odd. "General Hospital" does not let anyone on its staff reveal comings and goings or storylines.

The scenes showing Brad following a car crash made it seem that Brad was a goner. After the car crash episode aired with Brad alive and Lucas with a brain injury, we knew we had been had. I did not report his exit. Many others did. Why not? It was straight from the actor's mouth. Shen later went online to apologize for his previous post, but the show made him do it. Well played, guys. Well played. Look for Lucas to have a slow recovery. Griffin is checking in for a short stay. Jackie Zeman (Bobbie) has been magical.

When she said "my poor baby," at his hospital bedside, it gave me shivers. As for Shen, he plays the sniveling, lying, ne'er-do-well trying to be better for his husband and son like Itzhak Perlman plays the fiddle.

She's back! Alison Sweeney (Sami, "Days of Our Lives") will be headed to Salem next year. The reason for Sami's return is being kept secret. This is Sami, so we do know she will be stirring the pot. If a problem is simmering on the stove, Sami always will make a bad situation even worse.

"Days of Our Lives" revived good news from across the pond. Staring in March, the show will resume airing. Foreign licensing is very important for American TV. It was the popularity of "The Bold and the Beautiful" in Italy that protected the show safe from cancelation. At one point, the producer of "Days" felt Sony, which produces the show, and "B&B" was not treating them alike when it came to overseas sales. They said that was not true. To prove it, they have been working on getting "Days" all over the world.

It appears "The Young and the Restless" is looking for a new head writer. The show continues to tumble in the ratings. Some actors are said to have developed tics over what the characters are doing. Head writing change always has cast members wondering if they will make the cut. Whoever takes over, they need to repair lots of damage. Head writing a soap is tough; however, when it works, is so rewarding. We aren't just talking about money. From mental illness to pap tests to Alzheimer's, daytime has proven it can educate the audience while entertaining it.

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