By Lynda Hirsch

December 8, 2018 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke is shocked to learn from Hope that Taylor is responsible for Bill's shooting. Worried that Taylor is back in town, Liam visits Bill to tell him he feels that Taylor is still a danger to their family. Bill makes an admission to Liam about his hope for the future with Brooke. Brooke confronts Taylor, and the two do battle over their past transgressions and Brooke's accusation that Taylor is unstable. Brooke and Taylor argue about whether or not Taylor should be in Kelly's life. Steffy is upset that Hope told Brooke about Taylor shooting Bill. Quinn walks in on Donna and Pam having a minor argument and later lets Eric know about her irritation about Donna and Pam sharing reception duties. Eric and Quinn share a tender moment.

Taylor begs Brooke not to tell anyone that she shot Bill and promises that she is not a threat to anyone. Pam convinces Donna to model a Forrester original for Eric and keeps Quinn at bay so that they can be alone together. Realizing her father needs to hear it from her first, Steffy tells Ridge about Taylor shooting Bill. Brooke arrives to Bill's office and tells him she knows the truth about Taylor. Bill stuns Brooke by telling her why he didn't press charges against Taylor. Quinn becomes upset when she realizes that Donna is modeling for Eric. Ridge supports Taylor. Brooke and Ridge realize they both know that Taylor was the culprit in Bill's shooting, and they have very different reactions. Steffy throws a party for her staff to celebrate their success. Reese meets Taylor at Steffy's party, and they instantly hit it off. Taylor shares some of her and Brooke's history with Reese.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Michael and Lauren's pleasure for the return of their son Fen, dampens when he reveals he has quit law school and plans to focus on a musical career. Kyle fumes when Fen comes on to Lola. Fired by Sharon, Tessa fumes that it is Mariah's fault. Tessa is abducted outside her apartment. Billy and Phyllis work together to businesswoman Rebecca Barlow to work for Jabot. Jack's moves on Kerry are not working. Sharon is disappointed when it appears that Rey and Mia have reconciled. When the stables as the ranch burn down, Nikki is glad to know all the workers and the animals are safe. Holding a meeting without Phyllis, Victoria, Sharon and Nikki discuss what the next step is in keeping their part in J.T.'s murder a secret. Finding a gun and J.T.'s bloody shirt in Victor's belongings, Rey confronts the women. He is curious why they're certain Victor had nothing to do with J.T.'s disappearance. Continuing to suffer from panic attacks, Devon finally agrees to take anti-anxiety medication.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Abby still furious that Chad had her committed. She throws him out of her room and tells him his lack of faith in her has made her realize they do not belong together. Frantic to get to Thomas and Charlotte, Abby transforms herself into "Gabby." With a little prodding from Ben, Stefan gets "Gabby" released and brings her back to the mansion. As Gabi works to crack the safe in the mansion, Gabby (Abby) walks in on her. When Sonny realizes that Chad was in with Kate to bring Leo to town originally, Sonny says they are no longer friends. Sonny realizes he must marry Leo or Leo will reveal that Sonny tried to kill him and Will was in on it. Maggie thinks she should raise Holly. Eric wants to honor Nicole's dying wish that he raise her. Chloe, who carried the baby for Nicole, considers trying for custody. Chad quits his job and tells Kate he has lost everyone and everything he has ever loved. Desperate to keep Ciara from Ben, Hope employs Ted to get negative information on Ben. Rafe is stunned when he learns Hope is staying at a seedy hotel. Just as Rafe enters the room, a half-clad Ted walks out of the bathroom. Eli is thrilled when Lexi decides to give their love another chance. After a deep kiss, Ben and Ciara agree to take things slowly.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Devastated by Kiki's murder, a gun-toting Ava corners Griffin at the police station. Ave is tossed put before she can do any harm. Finding proof Griffin did not murder Kiki, Jordan lets him go. Crushed by Kiki's death, Franco explains to Cam that losing Kiki was akin to losing his only child. Cameron assures Franco that he, Jake and Aiden consider him part of their family. Jordan thinks Kiki and Mary Pat's murders are connected. Mike's crush on a patient at the center becomes awkward when it turns out to be Marcus's wife. Mike is embarrassed with trying to woo her and bringing flowers. Sam is thrown when she gets an obituary about her husband, Leland Powell. Finding Sonny at Morgan's grave, Margaux says she is done trying to get even with him and will not have her mother arrested for the crime. Drew does not buy Margaux's "I've changed" act. He is puzzled when she holds out the flash drive that contains his memories. After his first chemo treatment, Oscar is touched when Kim apologizes for keeping his cancer a secret. When she prepares to leave, he asks her to stay, and they share a hug. Laura knows something is wrong with Kevin when he hands her divorce papers. Finn decides not to visit Hayden in Europe and instead head to Cuba with Anna to find Obrecht. Obrecht is torn between helping Britt, who she thinks is dying, and giving herself up. Lulu is perplexed when Nina refuses to believe Charlotte is a bully. Told Charlotte may be thrown out of school, Valentin blames his lifestyle for her bullying. With a killer on the loose, Nina moves back into Wyndemere. Oscar enlists Jason's help in making certain that if he dies, his ELQ stocks will not go to a greedy person.


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