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December 1, 2018 3 min read

Jacob Young (Rick Forrester on "Bold and Beautiful") can tell you what a small world show business can be. Young, who now lives in Utah, went from front-burner "Bold and Beautiful" plots to off the stove. He was taken off contract. The last time we saw him on the show was seven months ago. There are hints he may return for a visit, but nothing is firm. Since his status change at "Bold and Beautiful," he has made five movies and has his own YouTube talk show. In one of the movies, Alexa Havins, who played the Babe to his JR on "All My Children," plays his love interest. Havins did not know Young had been cast in the film until she saw him on set.

"I ran into her seven years ago. Then on the movie set."

Young's live 15-minute interview show is called — wait for it — "The Jacob Young Show." At first it was called "Daytime after Dark." Those in the know thought it could be mistaken for a porn show. The interviews are live. So, if something goes wrong, there is no way to edit. That is the fun of doing it live.

Young can use the skills he learned from giving interviews over the years to do the interviewing. Young recalls the years at "All My Children." The cast and crew hung out, played softball and threw parties. Although he is fond of his "Bold and Beautiful" castmates, he admits that, for the most part, you go to the set, do your thing and head home. Most of the socializing happens at show events and the occasional holiday party.

Not only has Greg Rikaart returned as Leo on "Days of Our Lives," he has also signed a contract. This is great news. Rikaart. who got his daytime start as the mercurial Kevin Fisher on "Young and Restless," was taken off contract over a year ago. That was sad because he is such a good actor. How good you ask? There was the storyline where his character wore a chipmunk head while doing many nefarious things. He pulled it off. He also went from playing Kevin the creep to Kevin the great. Over at "Days," he will be involved in the Will-and-Sonny storyline. Speaking of Sonny, Freddie Smith, who plays him, has lost over 30 pounds and plans to lose another 10.

"Days" has some hot stuff coming up. Eve Donovan returns for New Year's Eve, and she has the not-so-dead Jack Deveraux with her. As you know, no one in the world of soaps is really, sincerely dead. Matthew Ashford, who plays Jack, says the story is great — one of the best the character has ever had. Jack is a quirky character who can be off-the-wall funny or touchingly sweet.

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