By Lynda Hirsch

November 21, 2020 3 min read

"The Young and the Restless's" Donny Boaz (Chance) tested positive for COVID-19. He has recovered and is back on set. He was off for two weeks while in quarantine. With his character in a major storyline, they needed a temporary replacement. The producers had to look no farther than Melissa Ordway, who plays his fiancee, Abby. Ordway's real-life husband, Robert Gastin, is filling in. The actor played Ben Weston on "Days of Our Lives" for four months. Using Gaston makes sense. As a married couple, they do not need to socially distance. All the other actors do. Masks are worn unless scenes are being shoot. No coffee klatches are allowed. They hunker down in their dressing room and no one can hop in to say hello or run lines. While everyone on the show looks great, the make up room is very sparse. Actors love the make up room, and not just because it makes them look swell. It is the gossip hub.

Several "Y&R" staffers tested positive. Whenever anyone comes on set, they are tested. If the test is positive, then they are sent home. This is the week William deVry (Julian) was written off "General Hospital." Major mistake. The actor can tackle happy, sad, angst, love, criminal behavior and much more. What is his sister Ava (Maura West) going to do without her big brother to confide in? DeVry got a "we will miss you," farewell and Kin Shriner (Scott) brought him hamburgers — not just any hamburger, but In and Out.

Alison Sweeney (Sami) is headed back to "Days of Our Lives." This time, it will not be a drive-by. She has a space in the studio parking lot. She will be there for daughter Allie. Allie takes after her troublemaking mom. Sami will be involved in the Lucas rape story. No matter how it looks, he did not rape Allie.

Thanksgiving will affect all the daytime dramas. "The Young and the Restless" will be replaced by football. The day after, they will air a special episode. This one is really special. It will be the re-airing of the masquerade ball that was seen in 1991. It will be fun to see all those faces looking younger and some folks who are no longer on the show. In place of "The Bold and the Beautiful," we'll have the Thanksgiving Day parade. The day after, an episode from 2018 will air. "Days of Our Lives" has the day off on Thanksgiving. Friday, when you are chomping on those leftover turkey sandwiches, an episode airs. On that day, Rafe returns to Salem. He will be hit by two sad facts: Ciara is dead and Hope has left town. As for the Thanksgiving plans of "General Hospital," a repeat of Finn as Scrooge will air the day after football.

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