By Lynda Hirsch

November 16, 2019 5 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Desperately wanting to find a happy middle, Brooke and Ridge continue to land on opposite sides of the argument regarding Thomas. Steffy attempts to reassure a disbelieving Liam that Thomas is not a threat to anyone. Hope desperately searches for Douglas. Liam confides in Steffy that he is returning to Spencer Publications. Hope makes a terrifying realization. Ridge vows to Steffy that he will not allow Thomas to lose custody of Douglas to Hope. Hope confides in Brooke about the frightening events that occurred between her, Thomas and Douglas at Forrester Creations. Liam is stunned when Hope shares that she is now legally Douglas' mother. Realizing he finally has his wife's attention, Liam tells Hope that he is leaving Forrester Creations and returning to his family business, Spencer Publications. Hope is wracked with guilt for lying to Liam.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Victor is not keen when Nick tells him he is running for city council, but he offers his support. Nikki is thrilled that Victor is recovering from his almost deadly illness. Chelsea is uneasy when she runs into former business associate Simon. Chelsea begs her mother to wire her millions of dollars. When the transaction is taking too long, Simon takes Chelsea, Adam, Connor and Abby hostage. Chance is in Genoa City to get hold of the cunning criminal Simon. Feigning a nervous breakdown, Abby distracts Simon. Chance literally drops out of the ceiling. He arrests Simon, and everyone else is set free. Nick rushes to Connor. Connor breaks away and runs into Adam's arms. Amanda, who continues to gulp down small-sized liquor bottles, talks to Cane. Cane realizes that Colin was behind the tampering with Catherine's will. Jack agrees to help Nick on his campaign. Victoria is uneasy with Billy.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": What a difference a year makes. Ciara believes Victor set Ben up for Jordan's murder. Ciara lets Victor think Ben, who is in jail for the crime, is the culprit, working with Ben to prove his innocence. Bitter with Lani for dumping him at the altar, Eli quits his job as police commissioner and is working with Gabi. With Tony and Anna living in Europe, Gabi has Chad and Abby move in with her. Abby wants to move. Chad says he can't because Stefano is alive and they are working to destroy Gabi. Will, Ben's cellmate, is in jail for killing Adrienne. Rafe's nanny, Evan, is interested in Sonny. Brad is dealing with the death of the child he and Kristen were expecting. Everyone is searching for Lani and Kristen. They are serving as nuns in the same parish. Out of her coma, Jennifer pledges her love to Jack. Jennifer insists she did not fall off the terrace; she was pushed. Justin is representing Eve. Mourning Haley, JJ is back on drugs Running into Brady at the park, JJ blames him and Kristen for Haley's death. Kayla is thrilled with her love life. John tells Roman that Marlena is very distant. Walking into his home, John is stunned to find Hope. At John's place, Hope, taken over by Gina, prepares to seduce John.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Julian and Neal fight for Alexis' attention. Kendra continues to poison Alexis. Learning that Julian tried to destroy his marriage, Lucas tells Julian he disowns him and Tony is the only man he considers his father. Visiting Liz, Drew tells her he is no longer Franco. Carly is stunned when she finds Nicholas at Jax's home. She agrees to keep the secret to give Nikolas time. While Lulu and Maxie are dining, Cassandra abducts Charlotte. Anna arrives on the scene. Charlotte bites Cassandra's hand and runs off. Jason rescues Anna and Charlotte. Valentin sent a boat to recuse Cassandra. As soon as she gets on the vessel, Valentin detonates the bomb. Jason is desperate to get Sam out of jail. Hayden and Finn bond over daughter Violet. A protective Maxi defends Peter.


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Photo credit: FreeCreativeStuff at Pixabay

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