By Lynda Hirsch

November 16, 2019 4 min read

This week, "Days of Our Lives" played leapfrog. The show, which has been on the air for 54 years, jumped a year in the future. The time jump has been talked about for over a year. So, what did viewers get? A compelling storyline, great acting and important attention to detail.

When I first started reporting about this, I thought JJ was going to be in a coma and miss a year. I was half-right. It was his mom, Jennifer. I was off by a J.

On the first day, viewers learned JJ was back on drugs, as he couldn't deal with the death of his beloved Haley. They seemed a bit too happy the week before. Happiness is not given much of a chance in daytime drama. Years ago, on the soap "Ryan's Hope," a character named Tom, juggling an apple, said his life was perfect. He took a bite of the apple and choked to death.

Jack was at Jennifer's bedside when she came to. He tried to fill in the blanks. A detail we loved was Jack's change of clothes each time he turned over the hourglass. Chad and Abby were back living in the DiMera mansion.

OK, what happened to Tony? He was living there before the time shift. Ben is in jail. He was convicted of killing sister Jordan. He's the one guy in prison who is really innocent. His cellmate is Will — a total shocker. Xander is wearing glasses as he and Sarah kiss each other and play with Sarah's baby. Yes, Eric is the father, but Xander had the DNA tests rigged. Sarah is grateful. Nicole did not tell Eric he was a father.

Fans are thrilled about the Xander-Sarah pairing. Who doesn't love a bad boy trying to be a good guy for the woman he loves? It also helps that he's handsome and built.

Ciara is letting Victor think she has given up on Ben. Forget that Ciara and Ben are the show's supercouple. Every supercouple needs angst. Viewers will be having angst, too, as Wednesday and Friday are preempted for the Trump impeachment trial.

Any soap can pull off a good day. "Days" managed for the second day to have stunning reveals. Will is in jail for killing Adrienne, Stefano is alive, and Ben and Ciara are working to prove that Victor, not Ben, killed Jordan. Sadly, Hope is still Princess Gina. Although, Gina loves John, so it will be interesting to see what Gina/Hope does to get him away from Marlena. It also shows that Kristian Alfonso (who plays Gina/Hope) is on the top of her acting game.

This just in: It appears that "Days of Our Lives" has stopped production and is letting most of its cast go. Does that mean cancellation? Who knows. There may be a glimmer of Hope. Both NBC and Sony were not happy with the show taping months in advance. The rumor mill has it that taping will resume in March. That makes sense, as it will bring the show up to date. As for the actors, they've been dropped from their contracts, so they can pursue other gigs.

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