By Lynda Hirsch

November 24, 2018 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke attempts to put Ridge's mind at ease when he worries about her private conversation with Bill. Quinn becomes upset when Eric mandates that she add Pam and Charlie to the Thanksgiving guest list and then becomes irate when she overhears Pam tell Donna that she is the right woman for Eric. Brooke and Ridge share a heartwarming moment. Bill makes a vow to Liam and Wyatt: He will stop being vengeful and be the best dad he can to Will,

Steffy and Liam discuss baby Kelly's future while Hope watches on, happy that this will also be her future. Katie gives Bill the legal papers for shared custody while Thorne is at work. Steffy and Hope come to an agreement. Steffy gets honest with Liam and Hope about her thoughts on the upcoming holidays. With Katie looking on, Bill asks Will what he wants most for Christmas - for his parents to spend mpoe time together.

The Forresters, Logans, Spencers, Avants and Spectras gather for their traditional Thanksgiving dinner, setting aside their grievances and saying something kind to the person to their right. It is a tall order, as Quinn and Pam are seated next to each other. Pam makes certain Quinn gets a mouth full of not-so-tasty food, Baby Kelly and Zoe celebrate their first Thanksgiving, Quinn is forced to be gracious to Pam and Donna, and Wyatt and Liam question Bill's absence.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": At the Jabotique party, Summer pulls Kyle into a dance, upsetting Lola. As she flees back to the kitchen, Summer kisses Kyle and he angrily pushes her away, declaring that he only wants to be with Lola. Determined to win Abby back, Arturo follows her back to the Abbott house, but she refuses to let him in.

Back at the party, Billy voices his frustration that Phyllis is taking credit for his work on the Jaboutiques. He enlists Jack to distract Phyllis while he tells a reporter what really happened. However, Phyllis quickly realizes what he's up to and intercepts the reporter. She then surprises Billy by crediting him with the idea and acknowledging his contributions. Despite the gesture, she then returns to Nick, who asks her to move in with him.

Jack notices Devon putting on a brave front and tells him that he knows how badly he must be hurting. Devon insists that he's doing fine, but later that night, he falls apart, crying over a picture of Hilary. Billy takes Sharon home and moves in to kiss her, but Sharon gently shuts him down, explaining that she doesn't want to sleep together for revenge. Billy is grateful for the reality check, and the two part as friends.

Phyllis and Jack have an honest discussion about their romantic pursuits, with Jack admitting his interest in Kerry, and Phyllis giving them her blessing. Phyllis then tells Jack about Nick's offer, admitting that she's not sure if she's ready to move in with him.

Cane, Charlie and Mattie put on a brave face as they prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving in prison with Lily, but they're further shaken when Devon bails, claiming that he has to stay in Genoa City for work. Sharon gets Mariah to move back in with Tessa to prove she was blackmailing the four would be killers.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Visiting Abby in the sanatorium, Gabi admits she gaslit her. A furious Abby strikes out and sees the wig Gabi used to pull everything off. Chad arrives and separates the two. Abby, thinking she has proof of what happened, is crushed when she realizes Gabi got rid of the wig. Abby is restrained and sent to isolation. Val, delighted at being asked to become chief of staff at her old hospital, dims when Abe is not thrilled about a long-distance relationship. Sheila's lack of work ethic has Abe boiling. Lani is jealous with Sheila staying at Eli's. Learning Eric has no holiday plans, Sarah invites him to the mansion. A less-than-welcoming Victor accuses Eric of killing Nicole and Daniel. As Eric is about to leave, Victor starts to choke. Sarah saves him with the Heimlich manuver. A contrite Victor asks Eric to stay. Aware that Sonny and Will love each other, Paul decides to leave Salem, heading to be with his mother and start a new therapy program. Luke, the therapist, comes to Salem to help Paul travel. Luke is a big fan of Paul's and credits him with the choice to reveal he is gay. John and Paul have a tearful father-and-son goodbye. Ciara is stunned when she learns Tripp planted evidence to make it look as if Ben set the fire. While Ciara is heartbroken, Claire decides she is closer to getting what she wants — Tripp.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Laura is upset when she sees Kevin (aka Ryan) has taken off his wedding ring. Ryan orders more meds for Kevin. Margaux lets Sonny know she is going to use all of her legal power to bring him down. Alexis comes on the scene. She is stunned when Danny says his mommy and daddy are in bed together.

Stella's long-ago lover Marcus comes to Port Charles to be with his ailing wife. Learning of a possible life-saving treatment for Oscar, Kim decides to abduct him and head to the country where the therapy is given. Jordan and Curtis are given an escape-room bachelor party. Laura is stunned when she sees Kevin (Ryan) pull Ava into a kiss. Ava's plan to make Kiki believe Griffin and Sasha are in bed together backfires, and Kiki comes after her mother. A slip of the tongue from Cameron lets Joss know Oscar is ill.


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