By Lynda Hirsch

November 10, 2018 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Having excused herself from a family dinner where she didn't feel welcome, Quinn unloads to Wyatt about her troubles with Pam and Eric. Wyatt advises her to get herself together and stop fighting with Pam to save her marriage. He urges her not to ruin things again. Bill spends time with Will. Ridge becomes upset that Brooke continues to defend Bill. Quinn threatens Donna to stay away from Eric.

Suspicious of Ridge and Judge McMullen, Bill begs Brooke to tell him if something happened that swayed the Judge's decision to grant Katie custody. Concerned for his marriage, Ridge discusses the current situation with Katie and Thorne. On the other end of a verbal attack from Quinn, Donna realizes she was eavesdropping on her and Eric. Donna relays her run-in with Quinn to Thorne and her true feelings for Eric to Katie. Katie worries that everyone's secrets will come out when least expected. Brooke struggles with Ridge's obsession with getting even with Bill.

While discussing the upcoming Intimates fashion show with Ridge and Steffy, Brooke becomes noticeably distracted, worrying about Bill finding out the truth about Ridge's interference in his custody case. Wyatt expresses his admiration for Quinn. Xander and Zoe share a moment that Emma catches. Emma and Hope watch Zoe and Xander flirt from a distance. Bill proclaims to Justin that Brooke will do the right thing for him. Ridge finally becomes concerned when Brooke confesses that she thinks Bill knows about his bribe.

Everyone excitedly prepares for the first Intimates fashion show. Zoe meets Xander's Uncle Julius and Aunt Vivienne. Sally's Aunt Shirley arrives to support her. Brooke swears to Ridge she did not tell Bill about his relationship with Judge McMullen. The Intimates fashion show begins and Zoe, Xander, Sally and the other models walk the runway. Ridge must cover his anxiety about Bill during the show. Steffy models the showstopper, and the Intimates line is a success.

Katie saves Ridge mid-interview when his mind is pre-occupied with Bill. Zoe flirts with Xander. She is annoyed to learn that he is planning to spend alone time with Emma instead of celebrating with her. Brooke tries to tell Bill that he should be spending time with Will instead of digging up information about the trial. Suspicious that Brooke is hiding something from him, Bill and Justin hire Ken to help investigate. Zoe confides in a sympathetic Wyatt about her relationship woes. Xander asks Emma to take their relationship to the next level. Brooke admits that she is uncomfortable keeping Ridge's secret.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Despite her worries over Rey's investigation, Phyllis focuses her attention on running Jabot. She holds a successful photo shoot featuring the company's female leaders and recruits Dark Horse as a partner for a launch party celebrating the Jaboutiques. Despite her successes, Billy continues to resist her leadership and accuses her of stealing credit for the stores.

Thrilled by how well their relationship is going, Mariah asks Tessa to move in together, and Tessa happily agrees. Because of Tessa's money problems, they agree that Mariah will move into Tessa's tiny studio. Excited by the change, Mariah says goodbye to her home in Sharon's house and moves her things into Tessa's modest apartment. A suitcase filled with money tumbles out of Tessa's closet.

Rey's investigation into J.T.'s murder increases the stress on Sharon, Phyllis, Nikki and Victoria. Wanting to avoid suspicion, Phyllis realizes that the women need to stop meeting altogether, and declares their partnership over. The women agree to go their separate ways, but Rey's suspicions remain. Learning Sharon plans to quit her job at the police department, the women pressure her to keep the job so she can keep tabs on the investigation. Horrified by his father's murder, Reed reaches out to his mother — unaware that she was involved.

Despite Sharon and Rey's attempts to stay professional, they find themselves caught between formality and their undeniable chemistry. Jack asks Kerry to be his date at the Jabot launch party.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Lucas is crushed when he learns baby Bonnie is really Emily — and is Mimi and Rex's child. Rex tells Mimi he is not certain he is ready to be a father. Furious over Rex's infidelity, Sarah tells him to get lost. Before leaving town, Mimi lets Lucas hold the baby. Bonnie and Mimi have a moment of mother-daughter bonding. Hattie decides to give Roman an annulment. Married at Horton Square, John and Marlena vow this will be their forever marriage. Marlena thanks Hattie for saving her life. Hattie convinces Bonnie to head back to Statesville with her, do their time and, once released, start a new life. While watching after Holly, Eric is flooded with memories of Nicole's death. It appears Kristen died in the explosion. Sami is thrilled when DNA proves the mystery patient is EJ. Sami decides to take EJ to Switzerland for burn treatment. Realizing they both love EJ, Sami and Susan bond and share a warm hug. Will and Paul move into their new apartment. Hope and Rafe learn Ben was not the person who bought the accelerant. They still believe he is guilty of setting the barn on fire. Tripp admits to Claire he planted Ben's fingerprints. After almost sharing a kiss, Ciara tells Ben she is with Tripp. Chad pays Ben to knock out Stefan. Flush with money, Ben does not tell Claire how it was earned. Ben continues to be unlucky in his job search. Believing that Abby is still suffering from DID, Chad drugs her and takes her to a cabin. Just as Abby convinces Chad to let her go, she goes into labor. Will and Paul move into their new apartment.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Spencer fears Laura will realize he hacked the election. Ava is unhappy when Kevin (really Ryan) tells her she no longer needs to see him. Kiki is furious when she sees Sasha coming on to Griffin. Anna is frustrated when Britt cannot give her information on Obrecht's whereabouts. Finn injects Britt with a minor virus so she can stay out of jail and hopefully lure Obrecht out of hiding. Brad tells Britt the truth about baby Wiley — he is Michael's son. Margaux is horrified when Sonny proves her mother was involved in her "father's" murder. A bitter Margaux tells Sonny she is not done with him. Carly is questioned about Mary Pat's death. At Ferncliff, Sam and Jason are stunned in their search for the patient Carly said was trapped in the sanitarium. When the door is opened, they discover Nelle. Nelle faked a nervous breakdown to get out of Pentonville. Her rouse does not work, and she is hauled back to prison. Carly tells Jason she knows someone else is being held against their will at Ferncliff. Chase and Willow continue to run into each other. Nina warns Maxie to be careful about letting Peter into her life. It appears Sasha is not Nina's daughter, and Valentin knows it. Oscar's health takes a downward spiral while working at Charlie's. Cameron and Josh are falling for each other. Julian is thrilled when Lucas says he wants a relationship with his father. Curtis and Jordan continue their wedding plans. Daisy, the cult follower, convinces Kristina to give the group a chance. Liz continues to worry about Aiden being withdrawn at school. Terry tells Liz how hard it was to be a boy growing up while she knew she wanted to be a woman.


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