By Lynda Hirsch

November 17, 2018 4 min read

Staring at the TV screen, I saw billowing black clouds. Orange plumes lit up the sky and destroyed houses scattered the terrain. They looked as if they had been bombed. I wondered, what doomsday TV drama is this? Then I realized. This was not a movie set; it was the real deal. For days, three deadly fires tore through Los Angeles.

Paramount Ranch, which was used for many a Western, was gone. Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan, "Bold and the Beautiful"), who had to evacuate, took to social media to recall the days she spent at that location and having to be evacuated:

"This is Paramount ranch in Agoura.. not too far from where we live. I used to ride my horse through here and ride bikes by this park and run through the old western town for so many years and now this is what's left.. so sad to see the devastation everywhere! The poor people and animals! I am hoping everyone stays safe and they contain the fire soon. We are still waiting to see what happens to our neighborhood. Thanks for all the messages. We are safe and just waiting to see what happens with our house. Thanks to all the firefighters and first responders (emoji of hands raised in celebration) and thanks to my tv sis @jennifergareis and her family for her kindness and letting us stay in her guest house! It's a cozy temporary home (emoji of a face blowing a kiss) ..."

Tracey Bregman (Lauren Fenmore, "Young and Restless") also had to evacuate. She was thankful that none of her animals or her children were hurt. But sadly, her entire house was gutted. Bregman had to evacuate her Malibu house two other times. On those occasions, her home was spared.

When you are told to evacuate, you typically have, at most, 10 minutes to scoop up your belongings. One does not even have time to wonder what to keep. You just grab whatever you can. I know this because years ago, my apartment burned down. I took my pets (cat and parrot) and my medications — and that was it. Bregman was able to get her Daytime Emmy. Sadly, she could not grab her father's Emmy. Her dad, Buddy Bregman, who died last year, had a fabled career for his musical work with artists from Michael Jackson to Johnny Mathis.

Last year, Kimberly McCullough (Robin Scorpio, "General Hospital") had to evacuate, as did Finola Hughes, who plays Robin's mother, Anna Devane, on "General Hospital." McCullough's and Hughes' houses were unscathed.

Eileen Davidson (formerly Ashley Abbott, "Young and Restless") was fearful her house was destroyed. she learned the yard was scorched the house was safe.

Eric Braeden (Victor Newman, "Young and Restless") learned that his eldest granddaughter, who lives in the Thousand Oaks area, had to evacuate. Braeden lamented just last week that 12 people were killed in a shooting in the same community, at a popular country western bar.

Myriad soap stars (past and present) have honored the firemen who have been working to put out the raging fires. Several soap stars asked folks to donate to the American Red Cross.

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