By Lynda Hirsch

October 26, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy stays silent as Hope pressures Liam to say that his future is with her. Zoe talks about her father's conviction with Thomas. Thomas tells Zoe that Hope is in for a rude awakening and explains to her his newest scheme. Zoe is stunned when Thomas confides that she has been his inspiration while sketching. Ridge and Shauna commiserate about Shauna and Flo's plight with the Logans. Steffy breaks her silence and lays down the facts about their situation to Hope. Hope tells Liam she wants to make Douglas' home with her and Liam permanent. Thomas intercepts a text message and learns of Brooke and Hope's plan. He shows up unannounced at Brooke's to confront them but finds Douglas there. Hope and Brooke plead their case to Thomas. Vinny learns that Thomas invited Zoe to live with them. Even though she is impressed by Thomas's latest designs, she tells Ridge that she is not ready to forgive and forget. Hope asks Brooke to leave her alone with Thomas after he refuses to do their bidding. Thomas takes this opportunity to share with Hope his desire for Douglas' future. Liam worries that Hope and Thomas are alone. Ridge shares with Steffy that he will ensure Thomas will be the one to love and raise his son. Being alone with Hope has an effect on Thomas. Thomas informs a stunned Ridge that it was Brooke, not Hope, who drew up the adoption papers. Bill stops by to visit Wyatt, who is babysitting Kelly, to query him about his engagement to Sally. Bill confesses that Quinn asked him to intervene. Thomas and Ridge show up at Brooke's house. Ridge goes ballistic on Brooke, Hope and Liam and vows that they will not take away Thomas' son.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Sharon and Adam finally cross paths at the coffeehouse. He only wants to be a good father to Connor, and he adamantly needs Sharon to be a positive influence on his son's life. Rey watches their exchange unnoticed. Sharon doesn't want to feel manipulated by Adam again if she helps Connor. As Rey surfaces, Sharon tells him about helping Nick and Chelsea with Connor; therefore, she'll be helping Adam. Rey wants Sharon to support Connor, but Sharon wants to keep her distance from Adam. Sharon's wary of Adam's dark side resurfacing, but Rey's confident she can handle Adam, for Connor's sake. She calls Adam and makes it clear she's only helping Connor. Adam understands. Lily is in shock when she meets Amanda. Lily admits she thought everyone was exaggerating about Amanda looking like Hilary. Lily apologizes to Amanda for her reaction. Aware of Lily's connection to Hilary's death, Amanda shows Lily some sensitivity and accepts her apology. Nick tells Mariah that he brought Adam back from Vegas for Connor's sake and that's all that matters. Mariah encourages Nick to vent his true feelings about Adam, but they're interrupted by Councilwoman Tammy Diamond, who resumes her efforts to convince Nick to run for office. Nick tells Chelsea about Councilwoman Diamond's suggestion. She encourages Nick to run for office, and he finally admits he wants to. Nick calls Councilwoman Diamond and confirms his political entry. Theo pitches to Phyllis and suggests an influencer client of his help with a Grand Phoenix event. Theo shares his plan to take over the country as a marketing entrepreneur. Phyllis is still not impressed.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Adrianne accepts Justin's marriage proposal. After a night of lovemaking, Jack gets down on one knee and asks Jennifer to be his bride. She says a thousand times yes. Hayley accepts Jack's apology for almost getting her deported. Ben is thrilled when he learns Jordan was not driving the car that almost mowed down Ciara. While preparing for David's first birthday, Jordan poisons Ciara's cupcake. Jordan panics when Ari gives the doctored cupcake to the baby. Luckily, the infant refuses to eat it. As Lani and Eli are tasting wedding cakes for their upcoming wedding, Gabi arrives on the scene. While Gabi appears happy for the couple-to-be, Lani recalls Gabi making her gravel after Stefan's shooting, After Stefan's funeral, Gabi envisions Stefan. She tells the vision Lani will dump Eli at the altar. Julie's pacemaker surgery is successful. Hope appears to be morphing into Princess Gina. Hope hangs Stefano's portrait in Dr. Rolf's lair. Victor is disgusted when Brady confirms that Kristen is carrying his child. While Brady insists he is there for the baby, not her, a cunning Kristen has other plans.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Spurned on by Julian, Ava reopens the gallery. Trina becomes Ava's intern. Dev finds Helena's portrait. Selling it to Ava, Dev uses the money to buy candy and sell it at a great markup at school, which does not have candy in the vending machines. In front of Jax, Sonny praises the plan. Later, he tells Dev he is not down with the plan. Dustin tells Joss she should spend less time journaling and more time with her friends. Baby Donna has a jubilant homecoming. Franco's competency hearing takes a turn when he decides to have the procedure that may restore his memoires but could leave him in a vegetative state. Jason is certain Peter is behind Sam's charge for killing Shiloh. Sam and Jason balk when Diane suggests Sam take a plea deal. After they testify at Franco's hearing, Monica and Jason share a loving mother-and-son moment. Curtis and Laura realize it is not Helena's portrait that holds the key to the codicil, but the artist. Laura and Curtis, thinking something is behind the painting, decide to have it X-rayed to see if the answer lies beneath the portrait. Finn is blindsided when he learns his young patient Violet is his daughter by Hayden. Hayden reveals she never stopped loving him but let him think their baby died, as he had moved on with Anna. Lulu and Dustin have a very private moment in a schoolroom. Peter steps up his plan to fool Maxi and destroy Sam and Jason. Jason sets out to prove Peter is plotting against them. Laura asks the warden to let Jason see Ryan. Carly tells Sasha she will not do anything to intervene in her relationship with Michael but she'll be watching her and she'd better behave. After taking the vitamins Kendra gave her, Alexis becomes ill.


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