By Lynda Hirsch

October 12, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke and Shauna continue to fight over Ridge. Flo arrives on the scene and fuels the fire. Brooke calls Flo a criminal, which causes Shauna to tell a lie about Ridge. Thomas shares his glee with Vinny over his first victory in breaking up Ridge and Brooke. Ridge attempts to convince Steffy that Thomas is truly sorry for his past actions. Shauna comes up with a plan to help Flo get back in good graces with the Logans. Steffy has a difficult time processing why Ridge is supporting Thomas. Flo is blindsided by Shauna's suggestion. Dr. Davis gives Katie dire news about her prognosis. Ridge recounts to Steffy the night he and Shauna spent together. Flo and Shauna take the next steps in their plan. As Brooke and Bill frantically search for kidney donors, Katie admits her greatest fear about dying. As Katie gets weaker, Dr. Davis encourages her not to give up hope. Katie and Will share time together. Flo receives good news and agrees to move forward with one big caveat: that her donation be anonymous. Katie learns she has a guardian angel: a living kidney donor. Wyatt and Sally babysit Beth and Douglas while Hope and Liam go to the hospital to support Katie during her transplant surgery. Ridge tells Liam and Hope about Shauna but reiterates that the only reason he moved out of Brooke's home was to repair his relationship with his children. Brooke and Ridge see each other for the first time since he moved out. Brooke stands by her ideology that Douglas should remain with Hope. Katie's kidney transplant begins. Brooke, Bill, Hope, Liam, Ridge, Will, Donna and Justin wait, unaware that Shauna is in the next room, anxious to hear news about Flo.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Furious that Victor demoted her, Victoria says they're done. In Vegas, Cane checks in with Jill, who advises him to use Phyllis to hunt down Adam. When Phyllis shows up at his hotel room unannounced, Cane refuses to tell her why he's in Vegas unless she does the same; she admits she's trying to bring Adam back to Genoa City, but Cane keeps his mission a secret. Elena is concerned when Devon can't stop worrying about what he should do in regard to Katherine's will. Jill updates Devon on Cane's progress in Vegas, but Devon remains suspicious of Cane and his motives. Elena admits to Nate that having Amanda around is messing with her confidence and asks Nate how she can best support Devon. He assures her things will return to normal soon, but she remains skeptical. Billy is shaken when he gets a message from Victor stating that they need to talk about Billy's attempt on Adam's life. Billy faces Victor, admitting he was the one who tried to kill Adam and explaining the reaction he had to Adam's reappearance. On the anniversary of Delia's death, Chloe and Billy struggle with their grief and anger. Chelsea comforts a grieving Chloe with a hug, and they think of how Delia lives on in Connor. After turning down the offer at Jabot, Victoria confronts Victor. She is thrilled when he tells her is naming her CEO. When Connor continues to misbehave in school, Chelsea fears he is becoming like Adam. In Las Vegas, Cane, Adam and Phyllis have a less than productive meeting. Cane says Chance does not want to be found.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Before leaving town, Vivian talks Eve into staying in Salem and wreaking havoc on Jack and Jennifer. Despite Kayla's saying Stefan is braindead, Gabi refuses to believe he will not get better. Rafe gets Gabi to realize Stefan is not coming back. Despite everyone's pleas, Gabi refuses to let Stefan's heart be used for Julie. Gabi has a change of heart and agrees to the transplant. Although cleared by Internal Affairs, Lani cannot forgive herself for shooting Stefan. Jennifer is touched when Jack gives her a jade plant like the one he gave her years ago. Back in the hospital, Julie slips into a coma. Kayla tells them Stefan might be a viable heart donor. Victor is stunned when Brady moves Kristen into the mansion. Rebuffed when she tries to seduce Brady, Kristen promises herself she will get through to him. Dr. Rolf injects Hope. He is getting even because she shot Stefano. Rafe finds an unconscious Hope in the chapel. Gabi agrees to give Julie Stefan's heart if Lani will beg and grovel. Xander decides if Eric learns he fathered Sarah's baby, she will not leave town. He gets Rolf to give the information to Eric. Kayla tosses Rolf out of the hospital.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Crushed when Sasha admits she's not her daughter, Nina runs off with Jax, who gives her solace. Josh is upset when Jax says he doesn't want Dev living in the same house. Carly and Sonny celebrate Donna's positive health update. Spinelli tells Jason he thinks Peter was tied up with Shiloh. Jason knows the news will destroy Maxi's happiness, but she deserves to know the truth. Spinelli locates a recording that exonerates Sam in Shiloh's murder. Martin agrees to represent Franco/Drew to stop the procedure that could return Franco's memory. Ava goes to Pentonville to confront Ryan. When she begs him to stop sending her letters, he suggests she loves those missives. At the prison, Nelle tells Brad he needs to help her get out. Nelle hopes her good record while an inmate will give her early parole. Finn admits to Hayden it's good to see her, but he wonders if she's hiding something. Monica is devastated when she learns no bodies were recovered at the crash site and Drew has been declared legally dead. She recalls losing so many of her children — A.J., Emily, the Jason she knew. She adores Jason but mourns his personality change. Monica tells Franco/Drew she will fight the procedure that Liz and Scott have ordered.


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