By Lynda Hirsch

October 5, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": After an epic fight, Brooke kicks Thomas out of the house. Vinny shares information with Thomas that may change the course of his future. Thomas offers Danny a bribe to get him to do his bidding. He sets his plan in motion to rid the Forresters of the Logans. Brooke and Liam commiserate over the harm Thomas is doing to Douglas. Bill stops Shauna at the hospital and confronts her about keeping his granddaughter away from her true family. Liam makes Ridge a proposal on Douglas' behalf. Bill threatens Shauna to stop meddling in his family. Ridge's plans for a romantic dinner with Brooke are thwarted when she demands to know if he spent the night with Shauna. Thomas gloats about his plan to destroy Brooke to Vinny. Shauna admits to Flo that she kissed Ridge while he was passed out. Ridge recounts his night with Shauna to Brooke and promises that nothing happened between them. Shauna fantasizes about Ridge. Thomas shows up at Shauna's house in an attempt to form an alliance to break up Ridge and Brooke. Brooke asks Ridge for his support of Liam and Hope raising Douglas, not Thomas. Liam agrees with Hope that they must be Douglas' protectors. Ridge is forced to decide between his wife and his children. Flo tells Shauna about her wish for the Logan family to forgive her and take her back into their family. In the hospital, Will recites a poem for Katie and voices his fear that she won't come home. Ridge has an honest dialogue with Steffy and Thomas about his relationship with them. Dr. Davis gives Katie and Bill information about finding a matching kidney donor. Because she's Katie's cousin, Flo could be a viable donor.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Phyllis and Summer bond when Summer says she feels like an afterthought in the Newman family. Chelsea hires Kevin to do some hacking so she can find info on her late husband, Calvin. Lola and Mariah play matchmaker for Rey and Sharon, who take tentative steps toward reconciliation at a dinner that ends with both of them optimistic about a second date. Devon insists on confronting Amanda, even when Elena suggests he let his lawyers handle her. Devon learns Cane is the person who protested Katherine's will and has inherited the billion-dollar estate. Nate reluctantly agrees to accompany Abby to the Newman family dinner, where Victor's children open up about the complications his plan to trap Adam caused them. Victor upsets them when he comes to Adam's defense, and Abby realizes that Nate is still struggling to accept the decision he made to help Victor. Tension grows between Billy and Victor, with Billy accusing Victor of letting Adam go and Victor reminding Billy of his recent struggles with his mental health. Cane asks Phyllis for information on Adam's whereabouts, sparking her curiosity. Later, Phyllis is surprised to find that Michael is in possession of Adam's cellphone. Uncomfortable with Phyllis living in Adam's old apartment, Summer considers calling Kyle, but upon seeing Lola, she decides that's not the best idea. So she consults Jack instead, needing support from someone outside of her immediate family. Nick is upset when Chelsea reveals she won't be attending the New Hope event. He accepts Chelsea's decision to co-parent with Adam and suggests that she reach out to Sharon about counseling Connor. Jack and Traci discuss the plans for the book they're writing about their family history.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Jennifer and JJ are over the moon when Jack's memory returns. While Jack is also thrilled, he's finding it hard to deal with his past misdeeds — like raping Kayla. Kate forgives Lucas for considering taking her off life support. Kate announces she is suing Kayla because she made such dire predictions on the fate of Kate's survival. After a less than cordial conversation, Kate decides not to file a lawsuit. Julie's friends and family rally around when she learns that because Kate is on the mend, she cannot get a lifesaving transplant. Nicole is stunned when Xander gives her a hassle-free divorce. Nicole returns to work at the Horton Center. Convinced that Kristen is pregnant, Brady is not certain he is the father. When Ciara is almost mowed down, Ben thinks Jordan was driving the car, which she denies. Gabi and Stefan revel in their love. Stefan heads out to help Vivian get out of Salem. Lani spots Vivian and prepares to shoot her. Stepping between Lani and Vivian, Stefan is shot. When Sarah says she is leaving town, Xander professes his love for her. When Sarah says he is a friend but can never be more, he says he knows. He begs her to stay because she has made him a better person. He fears if she goes, he will return to the dark side. Convincing Doug to take her to Doug's Place, Julie goes down memory lane with the love of her life. Doug is overcome when she loses consciousness. Gabi arrives at the hospital just as Stefan codes. Hopeful when he is brought back to life, Gabi spins out of control when Kayla says he was without oxygen for 20 minutes and is brain-dead. Deciding there is nothing left for her in Salem, Eve decides to leave town. Jack and Jennifer wonder if Eve will give Jack a trouble-free divorce.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": While on cleanup detail, Nelle spots Joss, who is horrified to see her. Nelle convinces attorney Martin Gray (Michael E. Knight) to help her get an early prison release. Thrilled when Carly gives birth to a baby girl, Sonny names her Donna after his Bronx pal. Sonny and Carly are hopeful as their daughter has surgery for her spina bifida. Kim tells a crushed Julian she is in love with Drew/Franco. Lulu is stunned when she overhears Sasha saying she is not Nina's daughter. Due to double bookings, Nina and Valentin's bachelor and bachelorette parties are held at the Floating Rib. Sam and Jason are stunned when Jordan has Sam arrested for Shiloh's premeditated murder. Laura is certain Spencer is behind the codicil to Helena's will. Alexis is unaware that her new trainer, Kendra, is Kiefer's sister. Years ago, Alexis took the blame for his murder. Kendra suggests Alexis take a health supplement she has provided. Lulu prepares to tell Nina that Sasha is not her daughter. Out on bail, Sam feels she's being set up in Shiloh's murder. Sonny and Carly are thrilled when baby Donna comes through surgery and her spina bifida is under control.


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