By Lynda Hirsch

October 19, 2019 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": The Logan family is stunned by the revelation that Flo is Katie's anonymous kidney donor. While Wyatt and Sally are babysitting Beth and Douglas, Beth helps take care of Beth. Wyatt shares past regrets with Sally. The Logan sisters grill Flo while Shauna passionately defends her daughter's actions. Flo gives an emotional and unexpected explanation to Katie. Brooke angrily confronts Shauna at the hospital. Ridge tells Brooke he saw her go off on Shauna and asks her to show a little compassion and forgiveness. Liam tells Wyatt about Flo's selfless act. Flo attempts to get Shauna to reel in her fantasies of Ridge. Thomas eavesdrops on a private conversation between Ridge and Shaun. Wyatt goes to Flo to thank her for what she did for Katie. Flo and Wyatt share a tender moment. Thomas tells Shauna they should join forces. Liam takes Beth to go see Steffy without telling Hope. Brooke tells Hope that Reese Buckingham has been convicted. Thomas and Zoe run into each other outside of Vinny's apartment. Zoe updates Thomas on her current situation. Liam promises Steffy that he will do everything he can to keep Beth in her life. Hope becomes upset when she learns that Liam took Beth to see Steffy. Shauna lends an empathetic ear to Ridge as he talks about Brooke, Hope and Steffy. A jealous Hope lashes out at Steffy.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Lola's ne'er-do-well father is named Adrian. Despite Lola's displeasure, Kyle bribes her ne'er-do-well father with a chunk of cash. Running into Traci, her dad decides to stay in Genoa City. Jack and Traci are confused when they find a personal letter that Stuart sent Dina. In Vegas, Cane checks in with Jill, who advises him to use Phyllis to hunt down Adam. When Phyllis shows up at his hotel room unannounced, Cane refuses to tell her why he's in Vegas unless she does the same; she admits she's trying to bring Adam back to Genoa City, but Cane keeps his mission a secret. Elena is concerned when Devon can't stop worrying about what he should do in respect to Katherine's will. Jill updates Devon on Cane's progress in Vegas, but Devon remains suspicious of Cane and his motives. Finding Katherine's will, Cane brings it back to Genoa City, Elena admits to Nate that having Amanda around is messing with her confidence and asks Nate how she can best support Devon. He assures her things will return to normal soon, but she remains skeptical. With some prodding by Chelsea, Nick heads to Vegas to bring home Adam.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Gabi's decision to let Julie have Stefan's heart has Julie's friends and family hopeful. Hope's odd behavior concerns John and Marlena. Deciding he was wrong to send Eric the letter about Sarah being pregnant, Xander thinks Rolf can help him with the message. Rolf agrees, but Xander has to build the mad scientist a new lab. Nicole is stunned when she opens the letter meant for Eric and realizes Sarah is pregnant. Nicole decides to keep the information to herself. Jordan feels vindicated when a drunk driver confesses to Ciara's hit-skip. Ben thinks he may be paranoid about Jordan wanting Ciara and gets Victor to call off the hit on Jordan. All Anna wants to do is get married. Tony says they need to wait, as he has been named CEO of DiMera. While the heart transplant worked, Julie's new heart is beating too slow. Jack convinces Abe to return to his post as Salem's mayor. Dr. Rolf's flash drive contains sinister information. Kate considers working at Titan. With his mother on the mend, Lucas heads to Europe. Pretending she is the picture of mental health, Jordan invites Ben to David's birthday party. Alone in her apartment, Jordan vows to destroy everyone with a party they will never forget. Pretending she wants to help Julie, who needs a pacemaker, Gabi silently vows she will destroy anyone she considers responsible for Stefan's death. Part of her plan is to run DiMera the way Stefan would have. Xander tries to persuade Nicole not to tell Eric that Sarah is pregnant. Alone in the mansion, Hope takes down Stefano's portrait.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": After she is denied parole, Martin tells Nelle it may take years for her to be released. Arrested for Shiloh's murder, Sam asks Jason to take care of Scout and Danny. Learning Drew has been declared dead, Sam breaks down and sobs. Kendra doctors Alexis's vitamin supplement. Maxie chides Lulu for revealing Sasha's secret. Valentin and Obrecht decide to stay in Port Charles. On the anniversary of his death, Sonny and Carly visit Morgan's grave. In Pentonville, Jason confronts Bryce. Connecting the dots, he realizes Bryce not only stabbed Andre but was behind Drew's plane crash. With Drew being declared dead, Monica wants Franco to continue his false memory state. A drinking-too-early-in-the-day Ava tells Laura that when she tries to sleep, she dreams about Kiki. Jason's plan to get Bryce to admit he murdered Shiloh is ruined when Bryce is killed during a prison break. Catching Brad in a lie about Nelle's hearing, Lucas wonders if Brad has returned to his bad old days. When Sasha is arrested, Carly tells Michael to dump her. Brad is defensive when Julian tells him not to have therapy with Neil. As Sam is taken to Pentonville, she and Jason profess their love. Curtis questions Brad about how DNA could be manipulated. Ryan gloats after killing Bryce. Jason tells Alexis he thinks Peter August is responsible for Sam's arrest.


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