By Lynda Hirsch

October 26, 2019 3 min read

"Days of Our Lives" fans are being asked to take a leap of faith. On Nov. 7, the show will jump to a year in the future. How will that happen? Two theories are making the rumor rounds. An injury puts JJ in a yearlong coma. When he comes to, he wants to be filled in on what he's missed. Because it's a soap, he'll have "What?" "How did that happen?" "That's crazy!" and "Who did that?" moments.

Fans often gripe about things happening off camera. They bemoan, "I wanted to see that." Not to worry! You will. Flashbacks, reenactments and memories will fill the air, mixed with how things affect folks in the present.

Deidre Hall (Marlena) says it is fun, well crafted and needed lots of balancing to pull it off. She says they did all that.

Of course, Dr. Rolf is involved. William Utay, who plays the not-so-good doctor, is a hoot. Yes, you hate him. Whenever he's on camera, it's fun and mysterious. Perhaps his flash drive, which Jennifer got hold of, causes the time jump.

In the weeks before the shift, Gabi forces Lani to dump Eli, Xander is pining for Sarah, Nicole is hiding the fact that Sarah is pregnant, Tony becomes head of DiMera, Will and Sonny are happy (we know that can't last), Jordan is off the mental health rails, John and Marlena are happy (we know that can't last), Ben fears he may kill again, and Hope appears to be morphing into Princess Gina (please, don't make that last). Victor is being Victor — acerbic, cunning and often foiled, like Snidely Whiplash. That never changes. John Aniston, who plays the dastardly Victor, is not retiring.

One of the things that will not happen is Bo's returning from the dead. Ken Corday, the show's executive producer, says Bo is not coming back. Despite character mentions and his photo popping up, this is one Salem character who will not be rising from the ashes. According to Corday, Peter Reckell loves living in Indiana with his wife and their daughter. Corday knows the audience would not accept a recast. Smart man.

Corday loves the storyline. His favorite plot was the time Marlena was possessed. If you missed it, head to YouTube.

For Corday, no story goes too far. An example: the time every major character was killed off a la "Ten Little Indians." When it was about to be 11 victims, it was revealed that the Salem gang had been transported to a Caribbean Island. At first, fans were furious. They felt they'd been played. Eventually, they were just thrilled their soap idols had returned.

Corday was not surprised. He knows that if a story is well told, engrossing and well acted, anything goes.

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