By Lynda Hirsch

October 19, 2019 3 min read

If you think Rudy Giuliani's public life seems like a soap opera, wait until you get a glimpse of his private life. He even has a soap opera connection. His second wife, Donna Hanover, had a short stint on "One Life to Live" and a recurring role on "Law and Order." Maybe she can help him find a lawyer. But that'd mean they would have to be talking to each other, which they're not. Rudy's present and soon-to-be-ex-wife, Judith Nathan, is living the high life. For now, her husband appears to be leading the low life, having once lived in Manhattan. I think it's only right that I send a lawyer for him. I choose Martin Gray of "General Hospital" (Michael E. Knight). A new addition to the Port Charles pack of legal eagles, he is crafty, knows the law and keeps his client quiet.

He had a great transportation idea: Cabs would no longer pick you up and drop you off where you wanted but rather at designated areas. We already had that system; it was called a bus. If you need more proof that his life is scripted by the head writers of "Young and Restless," a first cousin and second cousin of his were married for 18 years.

Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, "Young and Restless," Margaux, "General Hospital") is having a great month. She and her longtime boyfriend got married. After years of trying, she's pregnant. She decided to go public with her "we're having a baby" news because she knows how difficult it can be for a couple trying to have a baby. She wants people to know it can happen.

Rumors are swirling that Tamara Braun ("General Hospital") is no longer with the show, which is dumb. With the death of her son Oscar and her sleeping with Franco/Drew, if she gets pregnant by him, years of story could play out. Even if the old Franco emerges, he would never turn his back on his biological child. Liz would have to be part of the equation. After all, Franco has been a surrogate dad to her three boys, whom she had by three different husbands.

Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord, "One Life to Live") always lands on her feet. She can make a story out of anything. One day, she sent me 14 hours of takes on her menopause.

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