By Lynda Hirsch

October 6, 2018 8 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": The tension in the courthouse is thick as Bill, Katie, Thorne, Ridge, Brooke, Liam and Wyatt await Judge McMullen's ruling in the Spencer versus Spencer custody trial. Ridge's "blackmail" weighs heavily on his mind before Judge McMullen rules in Katie's favor. At Forrester Creations, Hope and Steffy disagree about Bill's fathering abilities while Quinn and Eric discuss Thorne's new lease on life.

Xander participates in his first Intimates fashion photo shoot. Emma becomes jealous when she witnesses Zoe help Xander get into the swing of things with the modeling gig. Liam and Wyatt become concerned when they realize that no one has heard from Bill since the hearing. A concerned Will asks Katie and Thorne how often he will be able to see his dad. Sally shares the good news of a successful photo shoot with Wyatt by modeling lingerie for him. Bill visits with Liam and Kelly.

Wyatt and Sally make love. Ridge and Brooke continue to disagree about Bill. Upset because she thinks Xander is enjoying his time with Zoe, Emma continues to confront them. Zoe intervenes, which heightens Emma's anger. When Emma leaves, Zoe tells Xander it's unfair that Emma is sabotaging his modeling career. Emma's friend Tiffany gives her sage advice and warns her not to let history repeat itself.

Having overheard a conversation not meant for her ears, Brooke does some amateur detective work with regard to Ridge. She realizes he bribed the judge to rule against Bill. Bill pays an unexpected visit to Ridge while Brooke makes a surprise visit to Judge McMullen.

Brooke catches Judge McMullen in a lie. Ridge gloats over Bill and the loss of his son. Katie watches Bill and Will reconnect after her son asks to spend time with his father. Ridge is stunned by the velocity of Brooke's outburst after he disses Bill.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Cane visits Lily in prison and is surprised to find that she is hardening her personality in order to survive. Lily is frustrated by his inability to understand this new side of her, and they almost end their visit on an argument. Before Cane can leave, he realizes that he's being selfish and decides not to leave on a bad note. He apologizes, and they reconcile, with Cane promising he'll love Lily no matter what.

Arturo and Rey learn about Lola's relationship with Kyle, and they quickly become overprotective. Their interference annoys Lola, especially when Rey does a background check on Kyle, informing Lola that he was recently arrested for digging up a grave.

With Billy out at Jabot, Ashley pressures Traci to overturn the Blood Abbott clause so that she can run for the CEO position. Despite Traci's misgivings, she calls the vote, and the clause is overturned. Kyle then double-crosses Ashley, suggesting that Jack run against her for the top position.

Victoria is shaken when she receives a letter from someone claiming to know "what she did" and warning her that she's going to pay for it. Horrified, she shows the letter to Nikki, who receives an identical note. They decide to keep the threats to themselves for the time being, unaware that Phyllis has also received one. Phyllis initially believes that the letter is Sharon retaliating for Phyllis' affair with Nick, and the women almost come to blows over the disagreement. Soon after, Sharon receives a letter of her own, and Phyllis accepts that Sharon wasn't behind the threat. After Mariah tells Sharon that Nick slept with Phyllis, Sharon stands with Nick and reveals what she knows. She can not marry Nick. Billy tells Phyllis he wants to marry her after he is out of rehab. Learning about Phyllis' and Nick's one-night stand, Billy sleeps with Summer.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Coming out of her coma, Marlena tells John that Sami did not shoot her; she saw a person toting a gun in a bushy area of the square. Sami is released when tests show the bullet taken from Marlena does not match the caliber of the gun Sami was holding. Stunned to learn that Eve planted the drugs found in JJ's apartment, Brady moves out. Kristen goes to Brady, saying that she wants him and she knows he wants her. At first, he resists. He thinks about his life: no job, severed ties with Eric and Eva out of his life. Brady agrees to hit the road with Kristen. Despite Sami's pleas that he deserves to be happy with Sonny, Will tells Paul he is going to move in with him and make the house wheelchair-friendly. Maggie tells Eric she knows where he can find Nicole. Nicole is stunned when she opens her door to see Eric. Gabi's plan seems to be working, when Chad finds Gaby's wig under Abby's bed. Abby fears her DID has returned. Gabi moves into the Kirakis mansion. Kate and Roman plot to destroy Stefan. Lucas is thrilled when he meets his "daughter," baby Bon Bon. After Lucas leaves with the baby, Bonnie's daughter Mimi asks why her mother handed Mimi's baby over to Lucas. John promises Marlena he will find a way to end his marriage Hattie. Rafe convinces Hope to release Ben because the evidence at the cabin was planted. After passionate lovemaking, Tripp and Ciara vow their love for each other. Ben understands when Ciara tells him he has to move.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Unaware that Oscar is dying, Joss cannot understand why he dumped her. Angry over his ailment, Oscar says he wants to quit school and will not take the immune therapy that could halt his brain tumor.

Mike tells Carly he wants to go to a care center for folks with dementia. Mike tells Jason no one will ever find the gun used to kill the DA's father. Curtis is hurt when Stella says she will not attend his wedding to Jordan. Jordan warns Margaux she has to stop being too involved in the murder of her father. Maxie tells Peter she no longer blames him for Nathan's death and suggests they be friends. Monica, a cancer survivor, tells Drew and Kim she is there for them and Oscar. Nina tells Valentin she loves him but cannot get past what he did to Henrik all those years ago. Finn's father thinks Finn has more issues than just his remarrying after his mother died. Carly is curious when Kevin (really Ryan) is taping the same Morse code as the patient in Ferncliff. Ryan orders more sedation for Kevin, who cannot get anyone in the hospital to believe he is Kevin. Kiki and Griffin decide they want to be together. Posing as Kevin. Ryan agrees to help Felicia deal with the hatred she has for Ryan. Ryan is stunned when Laura returns to Port Charles. After working on a project for Danny, Sam and Jason share a deep kiss. With info from Valentin, Nina leaves a message for Sasha saying she is her biological mother. Ava decides she is so filled with anger over Kiki and Griffin's being together that she will quash her anger by destroying Kiki and Griffin.


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