By Lynda Hirsch

October 13, 2018 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke catches Judge McMullen in a lie. Ridge gloats over Bill and the loss of his son. Katie watches Bill and Will reconnect after her son asks to spend time with his father. Ridge is stunned by the velocity of Brooke's outburst after he disses Bill.

Exes Wyatt and Steffy share a sweet moment when he thanks her for giving Sally a career opportunity. Furious that Ridge manipulated Katie and Bill's court case, Brooke lashes out at her husband for his serious misdeeds. She accuses him of using Will as an excuse but secretly wanting payback against Bill Spencer. Ridge reminds Brooke of all the people whose lives will be ruined, including their own, if she reveals the truth. Bill spends quality time with Will. Steffy offers Wyatt a position at Forrester. Bill expresses his sorrow at losing custody of his son to a conflicted Brooke.

Sally and Wyatt celebrate Wyatt's new job. Steffy questions Ridge about why he's arguing with Brooke and why she is siding with Bill. Brooke feels guilty harboring the secret of what Ridge did to sway the case from Bill. Bill makes admissions of regret to Brooke before initiating a forbidden kiss, which is witnessed by an unseen Steffy.

Shocked to have seen Brooke kissing Bill, Steffy initiates conversation and tries to get Brooke to admit to her sin. Steffy gets frustrated when Brooke admits to nothing. Brooke swears Katie to secrecy and spills the information about Ridge and his relationship with Judge McMullen. Concerned for her father, Steffy takes the news she has about Brooke and Bill to Ridge.

Brooke urges Katie to reconsider the court's ruling and allow Bill to spend more time with Will without getting the courts involved. Ridge reels from the news of Brooke's betrayal.


YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Learning Phyllis slept with Nick, Billy kicks her out of the house and heads to rehab. After calling off the wedding, Sharon tells Nick he needs to stay away from her. Nick decides to confront her at work, and she tells him to get lost. Noah tells Tessa he no longer has issues with her being involved with Mariah. Tessa tells Mariah she has made GC BUZZ her own show. Tessa is still seeking money to help her sister. Sharon accepts Rey's offer of friendship. Kyle is into Lola. Summer plans to kibosh the relationship. Cane visits Lily in prison. Coming without the kids, he sees how hard things are for Lily. She tells him she must no longer pretend she is fine because the kids are not with him. Perplexed at first, Cane tries to offer love and support to Lily. Nikki, Sharon, Phyllis and Victoria panic when they each get blackmail notes claiming "I know what you did" and demanding money to keep quiet. When Kyle suggests to Jack that Ashley should not be trusted, Jack tells his son to offer Ashley his support. Kyle is ruffled when he gives Ashley important info on Jabot but she does not respond with a job offer. Kyle realizes that Ashley manipulated Jack's DNA test. Jack is John's son. A horrified Jack confronts Ashley.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Eric is stunned when he finds Nicole with Xander. She explains she was blackmailed into marrying Xander because he knew she killed Deimos. Nicole insists she and Xander have not had sex, although he wants her to have his baby. Xander reveals he shot Marlena. He was going after Eric, when Eric grabbed the gun Marlena was hit. After making love to Eric, Nicole says the only way for her to escape Xander is to kill him. Eric says she cannot do that, but he understands how she feels. John promises Marlena he will get out of his marriage to Hattie. Stefan needs money, when the DiMera company is shedding profits. After having sex with Kristen, Brady searches for EJ. He finds a locked room and gets an electric shock when he tries to break in. Coming to, Brady sees a man in a wheelchair who is barely able to function. Learning Sheila is living in her car, Eli insists he move in with her. Valerie and Abe squabble when she says Lani's rebuff of Eli has turned him to Sheila. Jennifer admits to Maggie she still loves Eric but has lost him because she withheld information about Nicole. Kate is less than thrilled when she finds Lucas with baby Bonnie. Mimi tells her mother she had better be reunited with her baby — or else. Chad is concerned when he thinks Abby's alters have returned.


GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam's moment of passion is interrupted when Alexis arrives. After Jason leaves, Sam tells her mother she will do what she wants about Jason and that it is none of her business. Realizing how hard a day it will be for Jason, Sam arrives at Morgan's memorial service. Afterward, Sam asks him to come to her place. While they are sharing wine, Drew arrives. Learning Jason got Oscar to call his parents, Drew thanks him. Drew is stunned when he learns Margaux has the flash drive of his memories. Having quit school, Oscar is looking for work and still refuses to have the immunotherapy that could save his life. Kim and Julian realize they have fallen in love, and they kiss. Ava vents when she finds Kiki and Griffin making out in the park. Ryan (pretending to be Kevin) urges Ava to seek permanent revenge on Kiki. When Scott tells her to forgive Kiki, Ava lashes out at him. Liz is concerned when she finds a note from Aiden's teacher hidden in his backpack. Valerie is thrilled when she makes detective. Kristina tells Valerie she feels like a failure. Valarie assures her that is not so. Laura wonders why "Kevin" is avoiding her. Running into Laura, Valentin suggests that not only did he not kill Nikolas, no one ever found a body. While Sasha accepts that Nina is her mother, she wants little to do with her. Mike tells Sonny he needs to go to day care to deal with his Alzheimer's. Lulu confides to Peter that every time she talks to Dante they argue. Maxie tells Felicia she has forgiven Peter and wants him in baby James' life.


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