By Lynda Hirsch

September 19, 2020 3 min read

"Days of Our Lives'" Jennifer (Missy Reeves) is getting two-faced. For almost 30 years the actress has tackled every soap situation. Reeves, who commutes from Tennessee to LA, has decided to put her travel on hold to protect her family from the virus. A superstar is going to save the day. Cady McClain (ex-Dixie, "All My Children" and Roseanna, "As the World Turns") is already on set and taping. No word on how long McClain will be substituting.

Off work for five months, cast and crew in the world of daytime were thrilled to get back to work. The COVID-19 testing was and is stringent. "Bold and Beautiful" shut down for a day when someone in their studio area tested positive. With everyone negative, the show was soon up and running, If the virus were not enough California had another surprise — raging fires. LA looks as if a gallon of blood-red orange paint had been tossed on it. Katherine Gotti (Leisel, "General Hospital") reported the house she shares with her husband, Michael, was fine. Not so much for her across-the-street neighbor's house; it was hit by an electrical strike. One actor is sleeping in his dressing room for fear the fires will make the roads impossible to drive. The Oakwood apartments, near the "Young and Restless" and "Bold and Beautiful" sets, have always been popular with soap newbies. They are furnished and, for LA standards, cheap. A studio goes for about 125 a night and must be rented for at least a month. Folks who live there compare it to a college dorm. Many a romance has begun and ended at the place.

She will be back before you know she has gone, Sept. 25 is Sami's (Alison Sweeney, "Days of Our Lives") last day in Salem. By the end of the year, she will be back for a longterm stay. Of course, Sami will leave in a storm and return in one. One of the delicious thing about this is she and Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) will be sharing lots of scenes, The duo has played lover and friends since they were teenagers. The fun they have working together shows.

Tamara Braun, a powerhouse actress who recently exit "General Hospital" as Kim Nero, returns to "Days" to play Tripp's sometimes deranged mother, Ava. There are rumors that the character may have settled down. "Days" executive producer is getting used to a new schedule. The show had been six months ahead. On hiatus for five months, the show is now running a month ahead. Corday, who describes himself as "hands on," says things have changed. He does like the fact if a story is not playing out as he hoped he can switch it up.

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