By Lynda Hirsch

September 5, 2020 4 min read

Ding, Dong the "General Hospital" witch is dead — at least for now. Chloe Lanier, who won a daytime Emmy for playing the scheming Nelle, is being written off. For a while, it seemed as though the character was going to haunt everyone in Port Charles. It was decided that to much of a bad thing is a bad thing. So little Nelle is away for now.

Depending on the election, lots of Americans are considering moving to Canada. This week Canada is coming to America, thanks to NBC. The bad news — "New Amsterdam" is not returning until 2021. I love the show, the actors, the characters. The coronavirus has caused production of "New Amsterdam" to cease — for now. The good news the Canadian hit "Transplant" is taking over. It is not a show about medical transplants, but transplants from another country. A doctor from a faraway land joins a respected hospital. He tries to earn the respect of co-workers and patients. The show has been given the coveted hour. It airs after "America's Got Talent," which is the summer's highest-rated show.

Luke and Holly's son, Ethan (played by Nathan Parsons), is returning to "General Hospital" for a short stint. Robert refuses to believe Holly is dead. Her casket was empty. So Robert reaches out to his stepson to get info on Holly's whereabouts.

A girl can dream, can't she? I was so thrilled that Eileen Davidson (Ashley) was headed back to "The Young and the Restless." I had her returning for long run. Davidson let me know her stay is for a finite stay. Too bad. The actress and the character always bring a touch of class to the show. For now, we will take what we can get.

Starting Sept. 14, three actors who got their start in daytime, will be dancing for their lives on "Dancing with the Stars." Anne Heche ("Another World") Jesse Metcalf ("Passions") and Chrishell Stause ("All My Children") will be joining the new host, Tyra Banks. Tyra takes over for Tom Bergeron. No reason for the switch. He was a great host and there for the contestants. When Banks hosted "America's Got Talent," it was all about her. So much so that one comedian commented on it. Speaking of "AGT," Simon Cowell, who broke his back when he fell off an electric bike, will not return for the live shows, which start next week.

Anne Heche has always been open about her colorful life. She recently told the press that Ellen DeGeneres did not deserve the bad rap concerning her poor treatment of other people. I met them both when Heche was promoting her film "Six Days and Seven Nights." Sitting on the floor behind Heche, DeGeneres was glowing with love.

Stause is recently divorced from Justin Hartley, (Kevin, "This Is Us). It was his idea, not hers. In fact, he let her know via social media. Career-wise, Stause is doing very well. Her show "Selling Sunset" is Netflix's highest-rated series. In the series, Stause and several other realtors vie to sell multimillion-dollar homes.

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