By Lynda Hirsch

September 28, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Wyatt makes a surprise proposal of marriage to Sally. A panicked Bill calls an ambulance for Katie. Brooke balks when Ridge says he doesn't trust Bill. At the hospital, Dr. Armstrong urges Bill to be patient while tests are run. Bill professes his love to an unconscious Katie, who needs a kidney transplant. Sally and Wyatt celebrate their engagement. Quinn laments to Eric that Flo deserves Wyatt's forgiveness. Ridge, Brooke, Donna and Bill huddle around Katie's hospital bed, expressing their love to her. Not realizing that he's already engaged to Sally, Quinn visits Wyatt to convince him to reunite with Flo. Ridge and Bill throw jabs at one another at the hospital. Wyatt reminds Quinn what Flo stole. She reminds him that Sally isn't to be trusted. Ridge assures Brooke they will find a way to help her sister. Brooke admits she cannot relax while Thomas is free. Thomas breaks the rules and pays a visit to Douglas. Brooke and Ridge have another standoff over protecting their own children. Thomas must cover when Ridge finds him alone with Douglas. Flo becomes concerned when she realizes the depth of Shauna's burgeoning feelings for Ridge. Ridge and Thomas share an important father-son moment before Ridge leaves to take Douglas on his playdate. Brooke flips when she finds Thomas in her house and demands that he leave immediately. Ridge shares with Shauna that he and Brooke aren't seeing eye to eye on much these days. Brooke and Thomas have an epic fight. Vinny learns information that may help his friend.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Adam decides it would be best for Connor if he left Genoa City. The Newmans continue to let everyone think Victor is dead. Adam is shocked when he finds a very alive Victor at the chess table. Fen is sent to rehab. Jack and Traci decide to write a book about their family. Kevin returns to work on the police force. Jack overhears Victoria and Nikki discussing their suspicions about Adam. He's surprised by the animosity as he defends Adam against his family's accusations. Meanwhile, Nick encourages Chelsea to keep Connor far away from Adam. Later, Michael confesses to Lauren that he's being blackmailed by Adam. Devon reflects on Katherine's will, renewing his determination to protect it. Devon and Jill decide to do whatever it takes to protect Katherine's legacy. Jack reflects on his unresolved issues with Dina. He forgives his mother for leaving when he was a child and then asks for her forgiveness as well. Jolted out of her trance, Dina recognizes her son and tells him that she loves him. Jack tells Traci about his time with Dina and then announces his plans for the future. Lola encourages Rey to start dating again. Meanwhile, Sharon shares with Jack that she had a breakthrough with Adam, but Jack wants to know what that means for her relationship with Rey. Sharon sits with Rey. She admits to him that she can't save Adam.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Hope promises Julie she will take care of Doug, from picking up dry cleaning to making sure he eats. Maggie is stunned when Julie asks her to divorce Victor and marry Doug. In Salem to be at Kate's bedside, Lucas realizes he has the power to take her off life support and provide a heart for Julie. As Kayla is about to take Kate off life support, Kate comes out of her coma and remembers Vivian shot her. Unbeknownst to anyone else Dr. Rolf gave her his back-to-life serum. Will confronts Stefan and Vivian: He knows Vivian shot his grandmother. Kristin blackmails Xander: She will tell Eric that Sarah's expecting his child, unless he helps her get Sarah's embryo. When Sarah goes for her abortion, Kristin enlists Dr. Rolf to make the switch. Kristen is stunned when Rolf says the switch won't be needed because she's pregnant. Kristen cannot wait to tell Brady.

When Sarah decides not to have the abortion, Xander says he will be by her every step of the way. Ciara tries to calm Ben when Jordan refuses to let him see baby David. Alone with the baby, Jordan vows she will kill anyone who tries to keep her away from her son. When Marlena is unable to help Ben put Jordan back in the sanitorium, he plans to find another way to get rid of his sister. Shah continues to hold Jennifer hostage at Ted's old apartment. Jack arrives and scuffles with Shah. Bumping his head in the altercation, Jack's memories come pouring back. He sees a knife-wielding Shah preparing to attack Jennifer. Springing into action, Jack overtakes and kills Shah.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Realizing Kim slept with Franco/Drew, a heartbroken Julian walks out on her. Liz and Scott explain to Franco why they had him committed. Franco cannot believe they would want him to have a procedure that could leave him in a vegetative state. Dev plans to head to Canada. On the loose, Shiloh causes mayhem. He sees Bobbie driving with Wiley and overpowers her, taking the baby. Jason comes across Bobbie, who has collapsed from high sugar. Coming to, Bobbie tells Jason what happened. While he prepares to stop Shiloh, Sam is taken by Shiloh. Sam convinces Shiloh to set free Dev and Wiley. Neil takes down his profile from the dating app, telling Alexis she is the person he wants in his life. Ava starts therapy sessions with Neil. Jason rescues Sam before Shiloh drags her off. A baseball bat-wielding Shiloh is preparing to murder Jason. A gun-toting Sam shoots and kills Shiloh. Ava hires Neil to be her therapist. At the police station, Diane gets Jason and Sam off the hook for Shiloh's murder. The nurse tells Jordan she overheard Sam and Jason almost celebrating Shiloh's death. It is a bad day for Olivia when she learns Julian changed his mind about selling the bar. While Jason is visiting, Carly goes into early labor. When Franco tells Liz he will not have the procedure, she says she had him committed; she can sign for the procedure.


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