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By Lynda Hirsch

September 29, 2018 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": During a secret meeting, Brooke informs a stunned Bill that Katie's wedding is taking place the next day! Thorne and Katie share their wedding plans with Will. Ridge and Eric disagree about Thorne's motives. Later, Eric makes Thorne an offer regarding the location of his wedding. Bill pays Katie an unexpected visit, where an argument ensues. Things become more heated when Ridge arrives and further antagonizes Bill.

As Katie primps for her wedding day, Bill vents his fury over Thorne becoming a fixture in Will's life to Justin. Donna and Bridget join Brooke and Hope in supporting Katie before she walks down the aisle to become Mrs. Thorne Forrester. During a moment alone, Brooke expresses her concerns to Katie over Bill's role in Will's life. Thorne makes sure to involve Will as the wedding commences.

Brooke and Ridge find they still have one thing in common: their shared joy that their siblings have found happiness with one another. Bill attempts to win over Wyatt and Liam in hopes of having them testify on his behalf. Brooke expresses her dismay over Ridge interjecting himself in Katie and Bill's custody battle. Brooke must hide the fact that she has been secretly meeting with Bill when Ridge learns that Bill has subpoenaed Brooke to the witness stand.

Katie and Bill's custody battle begins. Sides are taken: husbands and wives as well as lovers and siblings all take different sides and approaches. Ridge wonders if Judge Craig McMullen will honor the request he made to his old friend. Lawyers Carter Walton and Justin Barber go to battle for their clients.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Furious after friends and family have an intervention about his gambling, Billy gets hammered. Rey finds him drunk and takes him to the police station to sober up. Billy confesses to Phyllis that he lost half a million dollars gambling, he cannot get it back and he stole the money from Jabot. As Nick is about to tell Sharon about his one-night stand with Phyllis, a fire alarm goes off. The false alarm was set by Phyllis. Sharon is not happy when Nick buys a mansion without telling her. Jack is thrilled when he learns he and Victor are not brothers. He plans to continue his search for his biological father. Although she loves Tessa, Mariah is not sure if she can trust her. Nikki convinces Sharon not to tell Nick about J.T.'s murder. Sharon and Nick offer Rey a place to stay. Arturo is disappointed when Nick does not have strippers at his bachelor party. Neil convinces Devon to attend Nick's stag party. Lily is unhappy when Maddie tells her Charlie has been skipping school.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Roman tells John to marry Hattie. When Marlena comes out of her coma, the marriage will be illegal because Marlena's, not Hattie's, name is on the marriage license. On to the scheme, Hattie tells John they need another marriage certificate. Belle gets Abe to perform the wedding at the hospital, unaware that it is Hattie and not her mother. Justin gets Sami sprung from jail but warns her she cannot get in any more trouble. Of course, she breaks into the Dimera mansion. Kristen, who is hiding in the tunnel, gets hold of Sami and heads to the hospital, where she confronts Hattie, gun in hand. Kristen allows her to live — if she does what Kristen tells her. Stefan tells Kristen she is delusional if she thinks she can get Brady to love her. Blindsided when Jennifer tells Eric that Brady blackmailed Nicole to get out of town, an enraged Eric goes to Brady and sucker-punches him. Thinking Marlena is out of her coma, Brady goes in search of Nicole. Victor is unhappy when he learns Susan is staying at the mansion. Realizing Jennifer is going to tell Brady she planted the drugs in JJ's room, causing Brady to lose custody of Kate, Eve tells him herself. Hope swears she did not plant evidence to railroad Ben. As Ben stews in jail, Ciara and Tripp get romantic. Lucas convinces Adrienne to drop the charges against Bonnie so he can see his daughter. Lani continues to distance herself from Eli. Will and Sonny are heartbroken but know they cannot tell Paul they are together, as he is facing being paralyzed.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Furious that his mother and Drew did not tell him he had terminal brain cancer, Oscar runs off. Kim and Drew search for him. At the docks, he sees Jason and tells him the grim news. Jason talks about his car accident and how he shut out his family for years and wishes he hadn't. As Drew and Kim arrive, Jason hides. Going to Sam, a stressed Jason tells her he knows the secret and Oscar made him promise not to tell anyone. They talk about the love they have for each other. Realizing how many people Monica has lost, Jason tells Sam he will try to be perfect for his mother and plans a weekend trip with Jake and Danny to go see her. Jason admits to Mike he would not want his sons to follow his career path. Maxie fumes when she realizes Lulu told Peter to avoid her. Learning Anna is searching for Obrecht, Peter leaves her a message to stay safe. Anna thinks that is progress with her son. Griffin encourages Kiki to take a modeling job. Ryan, pretending to be Kevin, almost blows his cover when he does not recall the name of Maxie's baby. Sharing lunch with Lucy, Max and Felicia, Ryan is glad when she touches his hand and says how wonderful he (Kevin) is, as opposed to his twin Ryan.


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