By Lynda Hirsch

August 1, 2020 2 min read

"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Ali is furious when Nicole tells her that Sami persuaded Rafe not to adopt her baby. Confronting Sami, Ali goes into labor. A blissful Kayla and Steve return to Salem. Justin sees them in the square and offers his best wishes. Steve thanks Justin for calling off his wedding to Kayla. Steve agrees to move into the condo Kayla shared with Justin. Claire is cleared of having kidnapped Ben. Ciara and Claire partner to find Ben. They think either Clyde or Orpheus did the deed. Clyde proves he is innocent, and Orpheus is in a federal prison. Trapped in a warehouse, Ben realizes Eve is his captor. Eve rails at Ben for killing her daughter, Paige. Stunned when he finds Bonnie in his bed, Lucas kicks her out. He assures her that he will not sleep with her now or ever again. Gwen moves into the mansion to be with Jake. Still wanting a puppy more than a new sibling, Arianna gets her way about the dog, but she is also getting a new baby. Ari tells her dads she learned to bribe from her mother, Gabi. Returning from seeing Abby in Florida, Chad is surprised that Jake has moved in and brought Gwen with him. Gabi lets she Gwen she is the boss lady of the house.


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Photo credit: SarahRichterArt at Pixabay

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