By Lynda Hirsch

August 8, 2020 4 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Steffy confides to her doctor that she's in agonizing pain. Flo tells an anxious Sally that Wyatt will decide her fate. Steffy regains consciousness only to realize how severely she's been injured. Sally passes out after unveiling her true intentions and feelings to Wyatt. Thomas returns home and learns that Steffy has been in a terrible accident. Katie lectures Sally about using her to emotionally blackmail Wyatt. Steffy is enamored by her doctor, Finn, who makes an unexpected house call. Ridge becomes uneasy as he recalls moments from his blacked-out night with Shauna. Each other's destiny, Ridge and Brooke leave their past behind them and reunite. Shauna returns from Las Vegas and drops a bombshell on Ridge.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Eve, out of her mind because Ben killed her daughter, Paige, seeks revenge. Having kidnapped him on his wedding day, Eve uses her henchman, Vince, to torture him and control his mind. Creating a doll that looks like Ciara, Vince orders him to strangle her. Hopped up on mind-altering drugs, Ben thinks it is Ciara. Using superhuman strength, Ben does not harm the object he thinks is Ciara. Hope arrives on the scene, punches out Vincent and saves Ben. Eve is nowhere to be found. Ben does not let Ciara know he is still tormented by the experience. Ali is horrified when she learns Will knew what Sami did to stop Rafe from adopting her baby. After giving birth to her son, Ali tells Will and Sonny they cannot have the baby. Sonny is outraged when he learns Will knew of the plan. Sami is out of control when she learns Ali wants Nicole to raise the baby. A blissful Steve and Kayla enjoy their return to Salem. Back from Florida, Abby realizes Chad is attracted to Ben. Zander is thrilled that he and Sarah are growing closer physically and emotionally but tells Jack he fears he will do something to ruin things. In need of a lawyer, Bonnie asks Justin to take her case. Lani and Eli learn they are having twins. When Shin tells Gabi only a biological DiMera can attend an important board meeting, she convinces Jake to represent the family.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Dante is convinced there is a ticking time bomb in his head despite his doctor's assurance that is not true. Olivia fumes when she thinks Ned is offering her no support with Dante because he is focused on ELQ. Brooklyn agrees to keep quiet about his ELQ takeover plans in return for his kick-starting her singing career. As Sonny prepares to have a feeding tube, Felix tells Sonny about all the medical problems it can cause. Carly is pleased when Sonny halts the procedure. Learning the hospital is having a financial crisis, Cyrus offers financial aid. Laura and Monica tell him that his help is not wanted. Sam is unhappy when she learns Jason has asked Carly to be in charge of his DNR. Brando is unhappy when Cyrus strolls into his garage. Nelle is horrified when Nina storms into the custody trial and lets the court know how evil and twisted she is. Valentin tells Sam that if she will help him, then he will get her probation officer to halt the no-contact-with-Jason rule. Nelle is awaiting the outcome of the custody trial. Nelle places a tracker in one of Wiley's finds stuffed animals. Maxie takes a pregnancy test. After picking up his bike from Brando's shop, Jason's motorcycle skids off the road. Curtis sees the unconscious Jason and calls the medics. At the hospital, Sam and Carly pray for him to come to. Sonny realizes Mike is near death.


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Photo credit: AndisBilderwerkstatt at Pixabay

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