By Lynda Hirsch

August 15, 2020 3 min read

Eileen Davidson (Ashley, "Young and Restless") is back full time. A few years back she asked for, and was granted, a lighter schedule to focus on her family. Now she's back!

Davidson never wants to do less; she always wants to do more. Not just on screen, but off screen as well. Her husband, Vincent, is a commentator for World Poker Tour. Davidson traveled all over the world with him and their son. Now, their son has his own stuff to do in LA, so she is spending time carting him around, helping him with homework and just being there. He is of the age when doesn't need those services very often. Every parent and child knows this: When kids are 5, their world gets brighter just by their mom walking into a room. Then they hit 12 years old. If a friend catches them with a parental unit, they would deny knowing you. Expect to see an Ashley-centric storyline this coming year.

Another fan favorite is exiting the show: Greg Vaughan (Eric). It was his idea, not the show's executives' idea. He was offered just about anything he wanted to stay. He turned all of it down for two reasons: He and Angie Harmon are parenting six children in their blended household, and they are doing it down South. Also he felt his character was getting short shrift and that his plots were about others rather than his character. Maybe that's true in the past year, but before that, there were many Eric-centric storylines. Deidre Hall, who plays his mother, Marlena, posted that she is bereft about his choice.

The cast and crew of "General Hospital" were thrilled to restart production. Although some were not thrilled with one of their cast mates, who refused to wear a mask. The set has two COVID monitors making sure everyone is following the rules. Rule No. 1: No fever. Rule No. 2: Wear a mask. This performer did not want to wear a mask. When she was hounded by folks on the set, she claimed she did not know how to put it on.

Here is a tip: Check YouTube. Or, better yet, I'll tell you how to do it. 1) Take a mask. 2) Put it over your head. 3) Place the loops behind your ears. 4) If it's down to your chin, then pull it up to cover your mouth and nose. Trust me, I figured it out in, oh, 30 seconds, and I ain't no Einstein.

Everyone else on the set figured it out, too. But folks were displeased as no one wants to get the coronavirus or pass it on to others. Luckily, the saga ends here, as she is in quarantine.

And in this post-quarantine world, there were lots of changes in the men's hairdos. All of them look great. Michael, Julian, Martin and Harrison Chase should keep the shaggier looks.

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