By Lynda Hirsch

August 22, 2020 3 min read

Great news coming from "Days of Our Lives." Galen Gering (Rafe) is returning to the show. He is a great actor playing a great character. After the COVID-19 intermission, "Days" starts taping Sept. 1.

She's gone. She's back. For almost a decade, Camila Banus has played the headstrong Gabi. Banus, who is the most beautiful woman on daytime, has left and come back. Her hiatus usually lasted over a year. Not this time. If you blinked your eyes, you would not even know she was gone. Banus was unhappy with things at her job site. Who isn't? and I work from home with only my cat to irritate me. Several months ago, Banus decided to see if there were things in prime time or film for her talent. The week after she submitted herself the virus hit. That meant the end of casting calls. Luckily for Banus and her fans she is getting a whole new story arc. She and Brandon Barish (Jake) sizzle in all their scenes, Also with Abby (Marci Miller) back — we hear she is no more the sugar-sweet Abby — they will share lots on tense scenes.

The Will and Sonny exit, which happens next week, will be very low-key. An out-of-town job offer has them exit Salem. It must be a journalism job for Will. Lord knows Sonny has not had a job for almost a decade.

Emma Samms (ex-Holly, "General Hospital") has been struggling with long-term effects from COVID-19 since March. No one knows why some folks are down for a few weeks and others deal with it for months. She was not hospitalized but is so fatigued that she often finds talking on the phone exhausting. She is frustrated as she will have a few days when she thinks it is all gone until it comes roaring back. Aside from exhaustion, her breathing can be labored. Samms is not only beautiful; she is an amazing person. When she was 9, her brother died. In his honor, she started the Starlight Children's Foundation. Like Make-a-Wish, it grants wishes for ailing or terminal children and their family.

I am dedicating this week's column to my Great Aunt Esther. She was a suffragette. I have pictures of her wearing a dark outfit, steal in her eye and determination in her step. She was tiny. Brought to this country when she was a baby. Coming from Romania where women, especially Jewish women, had only one place — the kitchen. She was also a great cook. She became a single parent when her husband walked out while she was marching. She was a woman who wanted it all for herself and for all other women. Please — for my Aunt Esther — vote. If you do, her being pelted with oranges was worth it.

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