By Lynda Hirsch

August 17, 2019 7 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Wanting to take baby Beth to their home as soon as possible, Liam and Hope are met with opposition from Steffy. At first, she is unable to process that Phoebe is Beth. When she finally realizes it is true, she asks them to let the baby stay with her for a little longer. Hope and Liam assure her she will be part of the child's life, but she belongs with them. As Brooke oohs and aahs about her newly found granddaughter, Ridge tries to comfort Steffy. A tortured Steffy agrees to let the baby go. After the trio leaves, a devastated Steffy breaks down in her father's arms. Everyone assures Douglas they are not mad at him for revealing the truth about Beth. Wyatt goes to see Sally. At first, she is cold and reams him out for the way he dumped her and taking up with Flo. Unable to keep with her "I can't forgive you" rouse, Sally rushes into his arms. Couch surfing at Vinnie's, Thomas is obsessed with Hope and getting her back. Quinn confronts Flo about the baby scheme. Back from London, Xander goes with Phoebe to face Ridge and Brooke. Ridge tells the duo they won't go to jail but they no longer work at Forrester. Bringing a gigantic teddy bear for Beth, Bill tells Liam he has changed; now, it is family, not business, that is his first priority. Hope confronts an apologetic Flo about the baby switch.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Kyle and Lola's wedding day arrives in Genoa City. Kyle ignores texts and calls from Theo, while Lola gets ready with Mariah, Tessa and maid of honor Abby. Kyle begins to get cold feet, but Ashley and Traci talk him down, assuring him that he has what it takes to make a marriage work. Meanwhile, Summer decides to attend the wedding to support Kyle and asks Phyllis to come as her date. At the wedding, Billy struggles to contain his emotions as he's overwhelmed by the realization that Delia will never have a wedding like that. Unable to handle it, he excuses himself, telling Victoria that he's going home to rest. Later, after witnessing a conversation between Adam and Michael, Billy confronts Michael, asking him if he and Adam are in cahoots. Later, Billy wakes up on the couch with no memory of the incident, and Victoria returns home, explaining that she's been out looking for him. Theo approaches Devon and makes a play for Mariah's job, but Devon is loyal to his friend and shuts Theo down. Undeterred, Theo approaches Mariah about collaborating. Needing to secure additional capital to purchase the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis makes a pitch to Chelsea, asking her to buy in. However, Victor overhears Phyllis plotting to oust Abby from the deal, and he quickly warns his daughter.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": Ben agrees to help Stephan prove Nicole murdered Ted. Brady reveals to John that since sleeping with Nicole, he keeps thinking about Kristen. Despite John's warnings, Brady allows himself to be seduced by Nicole. Kristen warns Tony she will kill Anna if he tries to back out on their business deal. Kate and Roman are stunned when Anna, carrying Toni's ashes in her purse, strolls into the pub. She is ready let the ashes go and move on with her life. It takes a while, but they convince her Tony is alive. Anna and Tony run into each other at Horton Square. First, she slaps him for not letting her know he was alive and being married to Nicole. Tony calms her down and asks her to be patient. She says she has been patient; he is the love of her life, but he has one day to get rid of Nicole. Hope asks John to prove Nicole killed Ted. Julie plans an engagement party for Eli and Lani. Eve hires Justin to sue Jack for wrongful termination. Jack goes ballistic when Jennifer writes a negative piece about his job as mayor. Tripp admits to Kayla he is falling for Haley. Tripp and Hayley are in trouble when Kayla learns Tripp got a prescription for sedatives to give to Haley. Jack rehires Melinda to be DA. Having no contact from Steve in a year, Kayla wonders if and when she will hear from her husband. Anna confronts Nicole. Roman steps in when Anna goes for her jugular vein. Anna tells Tony that if he does not divorce Nicole, Anna plans to marry Roman. Hope and John get Sander to admit he knows who killed Ted. As Ben and Ciara are rummaging through Nicole's hotel room, Kate shows up. The duo hides under the bed while Kate is confronting Nicole. Rafe tells Stefan he thinks Gabi does love him.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Having taken Dr. Cabot's potion for Cameron, when Franco awakens, he tells Liz he does not know who she is and wants to speak to his commanding officer. Franco refuses to believe he is not Drew Cain, despite what everyone is telling him. Sonny, pretending to be a priest, agrees to marry Mike and Yvonne. Sonny is heartbroken when Mike does not recall him or Carly. Stella is pleased when her "mystery" relative gets in touch with her and offers to fly her to the U.K. It's a bad day for Alexis when both Neil and Kevin will not be her therapist; it gets worse when she learns Julian and Kim are moving to New York City. Wanting to prove the psychic is a phony, Laura sets up an appointment. She claims she wants to talk to her brother Jonathon — a relative she made up. She tells Laura she is not getting any signs from him. She does say Amy has contacted her. She then claims Laura's son is in trouble. Calling South Africa, Lucky assures her he is fine. The psychic says she was talking about her other son. Liesl arrives as Hayden is breaking into Wyndemere. The duo strikes a deal: Liesl will not have her arrested, and Hayden says she will get Jax to take her to dinner. Although they can never forget what Franco did to them, Jason and Sam are grateful for what Franco did for Cameron. Jason also recalls his time as a captive in Russia. Franco, still thinking he is Drew, tells Jason he knows that he has his original face.


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