By Lynda Hirsch

August 17, 2019 4 min read

Actors are a superstitious bunch. No whistling in the dressing room, never refer to Macbeth and never say good luck; it's "Break a leg" instead. Wait — can't say that on the "General Hospital" set. This year, three cast members suffered a broken leg or foot. First one up — actually, down — was Leslie Charleson (Monica). She tripped over her dog. At least it did not eat her homework (her script). The injury was so severe Charleson had to be replaced by Patty McCormick. If you want to see the scariest child movie character, watch her in the flick "The Bad Seed" — chilling. When Charleson returned, she hobbled around for weeks. Next up — or down — was Kin Shriner (Scott). After foot surgery, he was forced to use a scooter for a few days. Laura Wright (Carly) is the latest to take a tumble. She was headed to Prague to visit her daughter when she tripped on the stairs. So long, trip to Prague. Hello, black cast. Wright says her real-life boyfriend, Wes Ramsey (Peter), has been a godsend. The accident happened while "General Hospital" was on hiatus. No word on whether they'll write in the break or ignore it.

Speaking of ignoring things, forget the latest internet nonsense that Steve Burton (Jason) had the soon-to-depart Billy Miller (Drew) fired. That is not how it works. If it did work that way, some soaps would have only two casemates. Actors who despise each other play lovers. People in love play bitter enemies. One soap set — not "General Hospital" — had two leading ladies who loathed each other. It got so bad that each one hired a guard to protect them on set. How did that work out? Neither one is still on the show. Richard Dean Anderson, the original Jeff, was not a fan of his on-screen love. Right before smooching scenes, he would eat Limburger cheese. Head to the grocery store. Sniff Limburger cheese. You will gag. Romance will be the last thing on your mind. Over on "Young and Restless," Peter Bergman (Jack) and Eric Braeden (Victor) had an argument over the reading of a line. The yelling turned into fisticuffs. The producers were not amused. The duo was reprimanded. They have continued to work together for over 30 years.

Perhaps the most "I am pretending to be your friend" thing happened between two actors. One got the gig for the other one. So did he send him flowers? Nope. He spiked his tea. The actor who had his tea spiked was a recovering alcoholic. Yeah, the other guy knew. The first actor's sobriety was blown for years. The producer could not have cared less, as she thought he gave a better performance.

She's back — but not from the dead. Constance Towers is back on "General Hospital" next week. She will be seen in old clips. Folks at "General Hospital" are not saying much (for fear of being fired) but it appears to be part of the Drew exit, which takes place net week.

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