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July 27, 2019 4 min read

After a two-year stint, Lucas Adams (Tripp) is exiting "Days of Our Lives" in mid-August. The character came on as Patch's wayward son and became a superhero. He is not being killed off. The claim is it is storyline-dictated. When Claire had to go and Ciara was with Ben, the writers decided to take Tripp off. Adams had lots of chemistry with anyone he worked with. For now, it appears "Days" is focusing on Nicole, Kristie, Brady and Eric. That is a good thing, but Salem needs some young storylines. The thing that "Days" has always been good at is showing the young, the middle-aged, the older. Maggie, Marlena and John always held up the over-50 group. The rumor that Tony and Anna are back on board in that group is great. Kayla, Jack, Eva and Jennifer are great in the age 50-or-so slot. I am loving Xander. He is fun, naughty and charming. On the "Could anyone be better looking?" scale, who are better than Eric, Brady, Hope and Rafe? I'm not loving Hope with Ted. It appears Hope cannot be without a man for a day. Kind of an insult to women. Women can be something without a man. Trust me; I have had to do that a few times in my life. Sure, a man is fun, but finding your own way on your own can be a wonderful thing.

Yes, soaps are about romance. The return of Steve Nichols as Patch in a few weeks will be great. Scenes between him and Mary Beth Evans (wife Kayla) and brother Jack (Matthew Ashford) will be dynamite. The three actors have worked together on and off for years. They have a secret sense on what a scene needs. Yes, writers and producers make the stories, but actors make the choices. A different actor always brings his own take to a character.

The illegal immigrant storyline with JJ and Haley is great. Topical can be very good. Days does that sparingly, just enough to let the real world in. Kassie DePaiva as Eve is so good when playing a villainess, a woman in love, a grieving mother. She is tops. In real life, she battled cancer at 55 and is now cancer-free.

Rumors have it that Rex is leaving. The character of Sarah, Maggie's daughter, could have been wonderful. This bright, beautiful female doctor is an emotional mess. Rex is about to be out the door.

The Nicole storyline is great. Yeah, the wearing-a-mask disguise is a little out there, but "Days" is prone to do that — Stacy Hudiak as Kristin, Susan and Nicole — just the best. Yes, Eileen Davidson, who played the character for years, was amazing, but Hudiak has made the characters.

The Sonny-Will love story is not a tale of gay lovers but one of same-sexed people who adore each other and stay together through sickness, health and cheating — like lots of couples, regardless of their orientation. And just seeing Victor on the screen makes the day. Played by John Aniston, he is dour, funny, take-no-prisoners and a delight. The rumors that he is retiring are unfounded. The 80-year-old actor does a lot of his scenes sitting, but that is not a problem for the viewers or the cast.

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